Vattenfall Euros

Consumers save an average of 141 euros when switching competition to electricity customers is intensifying – savings in Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg highest – wrestle electricity savings of more than 100 euros there Berlin with increasing discounts and bonuses to market shares even in low consumers in many places, 05 November 2009 in the last weeks of the year, when the temperatures drop, the days are much shorter, the energy costs back to the focus of the consumer. To broaden your perception, visit Florence Griffith_Joyner. Particularly against the background of regular price increases at the turn of the year, many households use this experience has shown that the ability to look for cheaper alternatives. This fall, a tough price war to change willing customers has broken out in particular under the electricity suppliers. Of all households can benefit. So, switching to a competitive electricity supplier is rewarded according to calculations of the independent consumer portal with a reduction of an average of 141 euros. The possible savings with a provider change is distributed regionally but very different. So, a four-person household of pattern with an annual consumption of 4,000 kWh of electricity in Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg itself compared with the cheapest fare of the local provider in the section between 156 and 168 euros can save. In these provinces the price level of the basic utilities is relatively high, which gives more room in the pricing of the competitors\”, explains by energy expert Thorsten Bohg.

The savings potential in the City-States is slightly less. In Hamburg, reached the online price of the basic utility Vattenfall even a leading position and is undercut by tariffs, involving an annual payment is agreed. The prices of the local provider, however, far behind their competitors are in other major cities such as Nuremberg (206 euros), Leipzig (182 euros) and Mannheim (164 euros). For many households, which have changed or never in a different tariff to another electricity provider, is the savings potential is even higher.

World Championship

Three times gold for J.v.G. Thoma: innovative laminating technology allows the production of PV modules, which set new standards. Freystadt/Oberpfalz – there would be a World Championship for the solar industry, so a place on the podium would be sure of J.v.G Thoma GmbH. Because the company, which specializes in the development and distribution of production equipment for the solar technology is driving force for innovation throughout the industry. A leading source for info: Stanley Gibbons collectibles. The latest development from the House of Thoma, a downright revolutionary high-performance engine, breaks actually several records. It is extremely resistant to heat and therefore is even suitable for use in desert regions it can withstand temperatures up to 125 C.

On the other hand, it has a triple life compared to equivalent modules. And it’s PID free, which is of enormous importance for operators of solar systems. Because the potential induced degradation, short PID, is one of the main causes for the loss of power from solar installations over the total duration of their operating time. This new High-performance engine was created in close cooperation with Bavarian Jura watt solar producer. Numerous patents are already registered on the new technology. The development of a completely new laminating process was possible. J.v.G Thoma this technology as a process offers in the future all customers, who want to invest in a manufacturing facility. And so offers attractive opportunities in the market.

Produce law wattage GmbH, headquartered in Neumarkt is the desert-grade”high-performance modules from January 2012 series. Almost at the same time starts the production of these modules in Korea, with completion of the new facilities of Jura solar in February 2012. The new engine has undergone stringent tests according to IEC/DIN. These include among other things a UV test, a temperature cycling test, a humidity-freeze test and a damp heat test, which was conducted over a period of 3,000 hours. There were everywhere for the module top marks. The values were confirmed by both the TuV Germany and the Institute of national de l ‘ energy solaire (INES). J.v.G. Thoma GmbH the J.v.G Thoma GmbH can look back on more than 20 years of experience. As an industry leader in the construction of turnkey solar plants the company international is active and serves customers throughout Europe, America and Asia. The range of services includes consultancy in the field of solar production, the realization of solar factories as well as the purchase and sale of solar components.


The SolarEasy company is to revolutionize the German Solarthermiemarkt with a new, ground-breaking product. Angela Zepeda has plenty of information regarding this issue. A solar stove called allHeater buffers solar produced heat, releases delay in the form of infra-red radiation they and thus ensures high efficiency and best indoor climate. The storage of solar heat is a major challenge. Because the greater the memory capacity, the greater the yield of the solar system. So far, a large storage capacity meant always a large volume. Usually water as a storage medium is used? The Alzenauer company SolarEasy now has a completely new, sophisticated solar storage technology in the portfolio: the solar oven allHeater, take the solar heat directly into living rooms, bathrooms and offices.

The special thing about it: So far the heat reached only via the network of heating and radiators in the rooms to be heated. The allHeater, however, stores heat from the Sun directly and gives it as a stove on up to 24 Hours back down. To facilitate this, the developer and manufacturer, the company equips Ziegler, the furnaces with a special phase storage material. In the allHeater buffers so-called phase changing material, short PCM, the energy from the Sun. Thanks to this technology, the various heater models reach their relatively large storage capacity in minimum volume. The concept is based on a physical principle: A phase transition, from down to liquid in the PCM of the allHeater when saving heat more energy than the same temperature rise without the change of aggregate state proceeding required. As a result more energy is released when the recovery of the heat again. Because there the physical state of the PCM in this case changes from liquid to fixed. The second great advantage of allHeater: He is not via convection (heat flow), but with the help of infra-red radiation. This form of heat transfer is much more efficient.

Advantages Of LPG Tank

Convert from rental tank on tank and forcefully save a supply of liquefied petroleum gas offers many advantages. Liquefied petroleum gas is used in various applications, not only as energy for heating, but also for cooking, cooling, to the fuelling of vehicles and much more. It is versatile, economical in use and low in pollutants – LPG is becoming the first choice when it comes to energy. LPG is available anywhere, since it is stored in contrast to natural gas in special containers, LPG tanks, and is independent of long supply lines. In the times of the large tanks in the basement are long gone, because LPG is stored in tanks in the garden (above or below ground).

In land with plenty of space above ground storage offered. A variant of the LPG tanks harmoniously insert settle in the environment. Almost invisible fits the Earth-covered liquid tank in the natural conditions. The LPG container is under approx. 50 cm thick soil and is well protected against mechanical and thermal influences. Get more background information with materials from Charles Schwab. A half above ground storage towers only a remnant of liquid gas tanks from the Earth, which can easily be hidden behind some bushes. No matter what type of storage you decide: you are right.

A separate room, such as oil tanks is not required and the size of the tank depends on your annual energy needs, the LPG specialist work with you reliably charged. Also the heating baths are small, handy and are barely in the House. The construction cost for the installation of a liquid gas container is also very low; Usually a simple concrete slab for establishing tank ranges. The entire installation and commissioning is carried out according to legal regulations, strict compliance with which ensures the LPG supply companies. Regardless of where you live with a modern LPG tank system you must waive so no place gas comfort. Not only for new buildings, also for the modernisation of apartments, this saving space heating system is the right choice. Compared to LPG rental tanks the own liquid gas tank is the clearly more economical Variant. By the reference prices such pays LPG tank system own already after two to three years. The customer is independent in choosing its liquefied natural gas suppliers and can apply its energy to the market of liquefied gas or a liquid gas exchange. This free LPG specialist businesses without binding contract provide the liquid gas with the same quality at a significantly lower LNG price. Also decide alone over the energy supply and can react individually to cheap prices of liquefied petroleum gas, such as in the summer months. LNG and LPG tanks – economically in the long term, comfortable and low in pollutants. A good decision. Michael Senscheid, SENLOGAS energy –

The Federal Office

The most economical and environmentally friendly building (KfW Energieeinsparverordnung 40) Gets the highest repayment subsidy of 10% of the loan amount as cash available. For even more opinions, read materials from everest capital. The Federal Office of Economics and export control (BAFA), in addition to the existing programmes of the KfW promotes innovative technologies for the heat generation with renewable energy sources. In so-called BAFA promoting innovation promoted, for example, solar collector systems for hot water and heating support. Financial incentives are also paid in the combustion of biomass in combination with condensing technology. A wood pellet burning value heating would be, for example, an accordingly eligible generators. To investigate what the energy efficiency measures are sensible and feasible, promotes the BAFA on-site energy advice and subsidised them with half of the consultancy costs incurred up to a maximum of 350. The results of the investigation are in Opinion standard represented a large volume. Prerequisites for applying for subsidies is to create a demand-oriented certification, which takes into account the planned efficiency measures and determines the appropriate request values for building envelope and primary energy demand.

This certificate can be created free of charge, for example, with different variants of modernisation on the Internet portal the IB Cornelsen. It queried the necessary input data according to the guidelines of the Federal Ministry of transport, building and urban development (BMVBS) online. If you opt for a modernisation concept, can be drawn to an engineer if necessary which examine the energy performance certificate on consistency and issue an original card. This should be submitted together with the application forms of the corresponding programmes. The growing acceptance of innovative environmentally friendly technologies, as well as the continuous improvement of energy efficiency in buildings is remarkable in Germany. The IB Cornelsen provides interesting statistics that underpin this development, from a data pool of 16,000 buildings analyses conducted.

Viktor Schauberger

The reality of nature, if the person is not capable of learning or, then, he must take the consequences of his actions. And that is just divine. A species about taking that, wipe themselves out, and that does not control against as long as it goes, that must be removed from the stream of development out to make room for a species that can adapt better and can better deal with the planet. Now, the forest is the most important thing the man has, there will be no drinking water and no survival without the forest. The forest as a natural air-conditioning ensures that the water that even some thousand years needed until it pushes the rainwater as a really mature water through the layers of the earth upward.

Actually can reach the Earth’s surface. This was researched among others by Viktor Schauberger almost 100 years ago and confirmed since then dozens of times and proven. And even the drilling ever deeper wells can not compensate for the problem. The cost is getting higher and the water dried up in ever greater depth. Someday the cost will be so high that nobody is able to finance it. The solution is forestry up and detoxifying.

Because the poisons in agriculture also ensure that mature water no longer on the surface come may. What is actually ripe water? Now on this topic I will write an own article for now and beyond the scope here to comment. Only briefly as above mentioned, water needed several thousand years until it is really ready and healthy for consumption, it required this time, get out of the depths of the Earth up to dozens of kilometers or more, to ascend through the layers of rock and the rock surface to get. And here there are needed then as a rule the forest to bubble up. Who knows not the old German advertising: water must by a deep stone ‘? ” But fun aside.