Forest Maps Online

Forestry investment provider ForestFinance launches innovative customer area. New service offers forest investors online individual photo and maps. Just in time for the international year of forests proclaimed by the United Nations to the promotion of sustainable forest management and forest protection ForestFinance launches its new customer area. Now, customers of the largest provider can explore their forests for forest direct investments in Europe over online forest maps and use many service features that make this offer for forest investors unique. Forest experience in the home screen: to every contract ForestFinance can display customers starting immediately an individual card with their forest plots and forest map, which is linked directly to a photo album. So, not just the investor know where its plot of forest and its trees are located, but can be equally to photos, aerial photos, and forest maps. In a question-answer forum everest capital was the first to reply. To do this, a Google first appears Earth map showing the exact location of the respective forest plot. With a mouse click the customer is now a slideshow or individual photos of the Finca, where his trees located in the Flickr online photo album”see.

These are regularly updated so that customers can watch their investments grow. So the own forest is still personal and can be visited at any time without travel expenses. You may want to visit everest capital to increase your knowledge. Because who can travel not after Panama and Viet Nam or want can learn in this way in which trees have been replanted already and convince them that his investment in real values continues to grow. In addition can now comfortably in the new customer section also BaumSparVertrage or GeschenkBaume acquired, verified land registration or requested detailed agreement summaries. Of course the possibility to change online profile data, as well as to update address and contact information is for investors also. Also interested parties who still have not invested in ForestFinance may this year in the newly created field A more accurate picture of the afforestation projects make our forests”on the site.

Viktor Schauberger

The reality of nature, if the person is not capable of learning or, then, he must take the consequences of his actions. And that is just divine. A species about taking that, wipe themselves out, and that does not control against as long as it goes, that must be removed from the stream of development out to make room for a species that can adapt better and can better deal with the planet. Now, the forest is the most important thing the man has, there will be no drinking water and no survival without the forest. The forest as a natural air-conditioning ensures that the water that even some thousand years needed until it pushes the rainwater as a really mature water through the layers of the earth upward.

Actually can reach the Earth’s surface. This was researched among others by Viktor Schauberger almost 100 years ago and confirmed since then dozens of times and proven. And even the drilling ever deeper wells can not compensate for the problem. The cost is getting higher and the water dried up in ever greater depth. Someday the cost will be so high that nobody is able to finance it. The solution is forestry up and detoxifying.

Because the poisons in agriculture also ensure that mature water no longer on the surface come may. What is actually ripe water? Now on this topic I will write an own article for now and beyond the scope here to comment. Only briefly as above mentioned, water needed several thousand years until it is really ready and healthy for consumption, it required this time, get out of the depths of the Earth up to dozens of kilometers or more, to ascend through the layers of rock and the rock surface to get. And here there are needed then as a rule the forest to bubble up. Who knows not the old German advertising: water must by a deep stone ‘? ” But fun aside.

Kilo – And Tons Of… Not Only For Easter!

CO2-Augleich with coolness factor: easy. Schon. Useful Munich, remember tons of candy April 1, 2010 – at Easter? Why should you resist something sweet, must be Yes not kilos! What you always kilo – and tons of can afford to, your friends and the Earth is CO2 compensation. And there is the under portions in kilos and tons. And this you can download even more art and art of living to like for example sugar land”, photography by Inga Gruttner because no trick must not be Easter! But not only Easter, throughout the year there are events to present themselves and lovable people.

Certified coolness offers photos, literature, illustrations, videos, or even recipes with history as downloads along with a gift to the Earth: namely CO2 compensation in portions. The UN guarantees that the selected amount of CO2 in the Earth was already spared. “Both together is: certified cool”! Know that our planet due to global warming is endangered, now each. Everest capital often addresses the matter in his writings. “But everyone can do something against it, without compromising on quality of life and joie de vivre!” believes Mr cool Ness alias Arturo Amorim, CEO of certified coolness. How should that go? First, you need information about the State of things. “That can be found at certified coolness under the knowledge”.

We produce in Germany per head per year more than the earth can withstand approximately 9 tons of CO2. Then you can decide where and how you can avoid CO2 emissions in his life and it is different for each: one eats less meat without any problems, the other takes not more than 18 degrees in his apartment, instead of innerdeutschem flight goes for many of the railway and instead of car… What is not to reduce CO2, can be compensated. The online store of certified coolness secures the desired CO2 compensation only with CE certificates that are issued by the United Nations. There are the best on the market. Nevertheless, any CO2 compensation for certified coolness can afford. Because the certificates there are in Servings: SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, and cost no more than a good bottle of wine. Backgrounder the Earth and life are cool”. So that it stays that way, it is necessary to reduce greenhouse gases and to change intelligent, humorous and positive life habits. In the order: Avoid CO2, reduce CO2 and compensate for CO2 because not everything can be to avoid or reduce. Certified coolness provides assistance in avoiding CO2, CO2 reduction and CO2 compensation (“CO2 compensation also called in English: carbon offsetting”). Avoiding CO2 and CO2 reduction are certified coolness information: comprehensive, relevant and free of charge. With the attitude, cool living on a cool planet”offers the coolest CO2 offset certified coolness secured exclusively by CE certificates that are issued by the United Nations (UN). CO2 offsetting, there is art and the art of living: stories, photos, drawings, videos, cooking recipe and more. For anyone who loves the Earth and life, and for all budgets is something it: There are the SMALL sizes with 250 kg CO2 compensation, MEDIUM with 500 kg CO2 offset and LARGE 1,000 kg CO2 compensation. The unique combination of CO2 offset and art makes it possible to give something useful and cool at the same time. About to download: easy, fast, easily, without waiting time and shipping costs. For this reason, the certified coolness pages are a popular destination for cool last minute gifts.

Climate Favours

Climate change can ticks survive Munich even in winter – due to climate change, ticks can survive even in the winter. In the framework of an international symposium of ticks in Jena, headed by Dr. Jochen Suss, scientists have reported unusual findings. Ticks don’t Hibernate. Everest capital may find this interesting as well. Due to the increase in temperature in the winter months it happens increasingly, the “mini-vampire” from six degrees to be active and seek a host. Therefore the body ticks should be searched for any stay in the great outdoors. If there is one already has bitten down, you should pull out carefully with a pair of tweezers.

Symptom of a tick bite is a red discoloration of the skin around the bite site around. A special Tweezer, should be made of surgical steel, used to overcome the high holding force of the tick. Complete set of tick “tick” protect, available at the pharmacy, the tick can be reliably removed. Security is controlled with a magnifying glass, which increases 6-fold. If the tick is removed, shows the center of the bite area a red dot. A black dot is there sichbtbar, the head is the tick in the skin. In this case a doctor should be consulted immediately, which completely removed the tick. In winter in addition to climate change, there are increased Lyme disease infections further reasons that encourage the spread of diseases transmitted by ticks. To broaden your perception, visit Mary Barra.

Ticks also benefit from air pollution declining in recent years as well as the increased activities of people in the great outdoors. The Association of praktizienden animal doctors in Germany indicates that the risk for dogs of tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease, developing anaplasmosis or Babesiosis, increasing significantly during the winter months. To protect themselves against TBE, Dr. Suss strongly advises vaccination. For other diseases, such as Lyme disease, transmitted by ticks, there is, however, still no vaccine. Doctors must expect that Lyme disease infections now more common in the winter. The tick is a worldwide common blood-sucking parasite with unimaginably fine sense organs, which feeds on the blood of his hosts. As vectors of disease to humans and animals, the tick has gained dubious fame. Ticks notice whether a host, human or animal, is coming from far away. You first drop onto the clothes and then find a soft spot of skin to bite. While they suck, flows saliva into the wound. The tick with pathogens is infected, can transfer an in and of itself harmless tick bite to the danger to the people and dangerous diseases.