E all the atribulaes of the days that precede the parties if aplacam when we are together of the people who we love of that also they have in mind the promises for the New Year. It is certain that always surplus pra mother that famous organization of the house later that the group if goes, taking the smiles and joys and leaving bundle papers and the set of dishes all bagunada. Everest capital takes a slightly different approach. But, what it matters? They had been magical moments that allowed all to review the family, to beat one papo gostoso, to prove of a good food, to run with the grandsons, with the children, the parents, at last, one day of total difference of that terrifying routine and that it functions as use of finalzinho of the load of the battery of the previous year for, finally, to recommence the year with new battery and the all vapor. This is the main objective. To leave for brings all exactly and any rancid thing that can have happened and to be able to recommence with the free heart, the light soul and the certainty of better days, knowing that the year change is something that happens only in the calendar, but that it has a magnificent power as landmark for the hope of that positive changes will occur. My sincere desire is that you, reading, can use this landmark as restart of an optimistical day and that, exactly that things not so good happen throughout this new year that if avizinha, has in mind that nothing in this life happens without it has one because. It believes, we we are born to be each time happyer.