Mexican Consulate

Mexico DENIGRATED since a few days on the European continent, a chain of fast food restaurants launched an advertising campaign promoting a new product, where presented a Mexican chaparro, with mask, wrestler and a shawl with the picture of our national flag, which caused the Mexican authorities through the Ambassador, to show their dissatisfaction, asking to withdraw advertisingalso ask for a public apology. Additional information at Stanley Gibbons supports this article. Cases like this are repeated every day. The world may have a demeaning of us Mexicans and Mexico image itself is incredible. Is it possible that a worldwide known company such as Burger King advertises of Mexico in that way. The worst case is that we allow it. Although the Mexican Consulate has expressed their dissatisfaction, it is not the first time that happens and this kind of facts have never been punished. Just remember some events as July precious when I forget the national anthem or rather say that he sang with tune of the national anthem of United States and Why not was you sanctioned? Perhaps at the time, people booed him, but wasn’t there.

Another similar case is that of Jorge Muniz, who joins the long list of celebrities who forget the national anthem. And thus we can cite a myriad list of cases like these. It is very easy for the press and the public in general make fun of those who have committed this shameful act, but it is enough to ask ten people to see how many of them know the national anthem. Why is all this happening? Why don’t we respect laws or at least have a little respect for our country and patriotic symbols? Whether we like it or not this is what we are, Mexican and if the country is so is because of ourselves, both citizens and rulers, who are the first to lose respect for our country and wrong about everything ourselves as Mexicans to leave other countries to have a picture of us. But as always we will be the first to praise and defend other countries such as United States or Europe, already the Mexicans know always faithful. If we ourselves do not defend and respect our country, who be?

Pedagogical Poem

And here at me like a demon inhabits work with only a teenager could not solve the problem. It was necessary that teachers and understand and overcome their own attitudes towards this boy. Learn more at: Mary Barra. Only a systematic approach has helped resolve the situation. This was an example of negative attitudes. Unfortunately, they are very easy to occur and this is due to the action of protective mechanisms of consciousness. Agree, it's easier to shift responsibility for a problematic situation for the child's behavior than to admit to yourself and others is that your behavior was not enough flexible. General Motors Company spoke with conviction. Installation can be positive and work miracles.

Remember, describes in "Pedagogical Poem" case, when he confided a former thief the money, which he delivered intact. From these examples show how work setting. Psychological setting constantly adjusts the perception and influence behavior. If a person has a setting, he says all she meets, ignoring what is in contradiction with it. Identification of Children learn a lot by using the mechanism of imitation.

In their games, they copy adults, their roles and relationships. Kids really want to be like adults. Such a model is called the child's behavior identification. In essence, this kind of dramatization of conduct, acting, effects of which, alas, not always beneficial. The fact is that, desperately trying absolutely everything to be the same as adults, baby takes on not only adults manners and habits, and disease. It is very difficult to draw a clear line beyond which ends and begins heredity identification.

Audio Books For Children

Many parents know how sometimes it is difficult sometimes to seat your child's book. Meanwhile, he listened with pleasure when he read aloud. Especially before bedtime. Unfortunately, not all parents have enough free time to joint family reading. However, there is a solution. I remember in my childhood I have great pleasure in listening to records with fairy tales, and becoming an adult – radio plays in the remarkable performance of popular artists.

Currently, there is an interesting alternative to the plates and radio plays. This is a – audio book. Many of them are addressed to children. Child can learn a lot of benefits from listening to audio books. Firstly, he learns to focus attention to perceive information at the hearing.

These skills are undoubtedly important and necessary for success in school. Secondly, the child hears the words and phrases, pronouncing correctly, and his vocabulary begins increase rapidly. Thirdly, the obvious advantages of audio books to paper is no load on the eye that will help keep your child vision. After all, modern baby and so much time holds for textbooks at the tv and computer. In addition, listening to audio books can be combined with any other activities such as painting or cleaning their room. You can listen to audio books during long-term travel or whiling away time in the queue. Children's educational audio books are a wonderful learning tool. They expand horizons and are an excellent complement to the textbooks. Let your child every day listening to audio poems, and you'll be surprised how easily and completely without cramming it will be able to remember them and repeat. On the Internet you can find a lot of children's audio books for free download. This folk tale, and works by Russian and foreign children's writers, nursery rhymes, cognitive and Orthodox audio books for children. The choice is yours!