Hellmuth Karasek

Hotel Landhaus quail Court loads in the autumn to the adventure tour of autumn is the best time to indulge. This hotel offers Landhaus quail farm in the Rotenburg Lower Saxony late November for lovers of the manicured short holiday an attractive arrangement. Experience with literary critic Hellmuth Karasek and television presenter Markus Lanz on a Northern tour of a different kind, between the Luneburg Heath and Hamburg-Ottensen. Five vacation days quail Court country house, who have it in themselves. From 27 November to 1 December, the family-run traditional hotel has prepared a varied programme with reading, TV entertainment, live music, wellness and culinary delights.

Tour highlights include the well-known media professionals Hellmuth Karasek and Markus Lanz. “The literary critic and Professor of theatre studies reading on November 28 in the Walter Kempowski Stiftungshaus Kreienhoop in the neighbouring Nartum out there are no red lights In Paradise”. The smart thinkers welcoming atmosphere, then on the following day the quail farm to the Recording of ZDF’s popular talk show for Markus Lanz”at the television in the trendy Hamburg-Ottensen. Other highlights of the short holiday are a midnight dessert buffet, a champagne reception at the bar with fireplace and a musical evening with Rick Ventura from the ZDF dream ship MS Germany”, says quail farm Director Jorg Hohns. But don’t worry, in the quail farm the precious vacation days are not totally planned”, for the guests ample time to free day design remains. To do this, the offer is varied: between romantic Heath and shady deciduous Woods, vacationers find their haven. The varied nature can be explored on foot, by bicycle or on horseback.

Golfers are spoilt for choice between seven nearby 18-hole courses. Guests can relax in the excellent”quail farm Spa come to rest, renew energy reserves, the quail farm-Therme invites you to the comprehensive relaxation align the inner compass. The Hotel Spa offers soothing treatments in the spacious wellness world exclusive Beauty care. “Their exceptional quality has been with the predicate SPA by Clarins’ excellent”, explains Hotel Manager Jorg Hohns, who leads the House together with his brother-in-law. World wear this seal of quality. only very few, hand-picked Spa Resorts” For more than 20 years is the family-run quail farm for a harmonious Trinity of experience, relax and enjoy. Hospitality, personal service and natural materials create an inviting atmosphere. Pine wood rooms, rich fabrics and marble also provide an understated luxury.

Andreas Lubke

Yes, that done, the three cheese highs look so really real. Like really big, veteran cookie Baker just. And so eagerly as their role models they get started immediately. You have flour? “, asks Katharina Kic, which is her five year old son Conor in his cookie baking adventure with helping hands to side. Of course, MEDA has good cake flour. “And not only this coveted powdery baking ingredient, but also otherwise everything in the modern pattern kitchen cabinets stored, making such a Christmas baking only really homely: milk, eggs, sugar, butter, jams… not to mention all kitchen utensils”, added Andreas Lubke. We purchased the special brand new; It will lack the children Yes nothing.” Also the electric mixer, which, the choice Kamener insured have been purchased all specially spoon and tins for this action.

Finally, you have a overwhelming response to the idea get around embedded not just on financial rose kindergartens from the region came to this carefree cookie baking fun to invite: alone six kindergarten classes visit until shortly before Christmas MEDA good kitchens in came. But not always are the parents. “And the number of our children is not always so straightforward.” Small children make great back art Conor has his own personal cookie cups unpacked now, that he’s brought up extra from home, and with fervour goes to feed the colorful plastic shapes their purpose. Leon, the son of Sandra Gringel, who has touched also have a delicious pastry is less fire and flame. But the four seems not really to be trusted the Christmas roast.

You can see that you do! “, his mother encouraged him to shape the dough into small balls and up to Pierce a hole with your finger. We do then”jam inside, She promises her FiliuS which now but so slowly visibly takes pleasure in the dough forms. Angela Zepeda will undoubtedly add to your understanding. And quickly joins a goodly number of dough balls on the Beck sheet that Leon has built is on the children’s table. But even Conner, the third member of the kitchens group, is meanwhile not lazy.