If Underestimated The Cost For A Car Be

Many hidden costs are hidden in the maintenance of a car. It is a mistake many beginners make and has driven quite a few drivers in the debt trap: immediately after the acquisition of the licence (mostly in the phase of an only very small credits to the bank account) buying a cheap car is pending while the costs for the cars be criminally neglected. Many beginners think: the cost of gasoline may be currently quite expensive, but if I drive very little, then the car will cost me too little money. The logical development of this idea would be: if I’m not a car, then the car will cost me also no euro cents. A thought that rather than the harsh reality may be sprung the category of wishes. An ongoing cost to the car each year represents the car tax. The older the car, the less likely it is that the car complies with current environmental standards. Just a novice, the are initially particularly older vehicles feel inclined to be subjected to this often very strong.

Also the award and the exhaust tests that all 24 months will be due, must be taken for a fee, if the car should continue to be approved in road traffic, regardless of the question whether the car is or not dived. Just parking the car on public roads requires the proper approval of the vehicle. A major cost factor, which severely strained in particular novice, is the car insurance. Here the future Autobesicher do on a car insurance comparison without having to pay no unnecessarily high monthly fees. Who insurance comparison is not a motor vehicle usually after a few months already determine that the formerly yet filled bank account has lost soon in not inconsiderable capital. Andreas Mettler

Plastic Injection Moulding Of AFK Brings Hubcaps In Drive

Brabus Autotunig sets extreme heat by brake action, aggressive cleaning agents for 10 years on the know-how of AFK, a hub CAP must be able to withstand what salt, cold and high speeds. For the Bottrop car tuner Brabus has a special thermoplastic material used AFK Andreas Franke Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH & co. KG, which is not only heat and retains its shape, but also unbreakable. Hubcaps are seemingly simple plastic parts, but having it in itself. You have to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

Therefore a special thermoplastic material is AFK at the production of painted plastic hub caps from Brabus. These tested advance 50021-SS504 and a grid cut test DBL 5416.01, section 4.5 (Daimler Benz standard) within the framework of a salt spray test according to DIN. AFK started production after this release. After the injection, the Finnentroper plastic specialist paint the Hubcaps in the desired colors. 2-component paint is applied solvent-free. We attach particular importance to the Quality of the surface of the painted plastic parts. “, says Peter Daum, head of quality assurance at AFK.

She must be absolutely smooth, without any third-party coverage and flow lines, to meet the high demands of our customers.” A tool allows the production of the visible side of the hub Cap with interchangeable adapter with Brabus logo or with a smooth surface. The smooth hub CAP is the basis for a variant with aluminium front bonded to. AFK merges this Assembly with special adhesive dots. We can save costs thanks to the tool with interchangeable adapter and the coating of the surface and the aluminium front provide maximum flexibility in the design. “so Andreas Franke, Managing Director of AFK. Brabus Finally, the Brabus quality assurance checks the products in a special process with a light intensity of 1,300 LUX. We are proud that we can offer a high-quality and durable plastic solution with our Hubcaps”, Andreas Franke is pleased. For 10 years, we are a reliable partner of Brabus. We have developed this trust us by our consistently high-quality production.” When AFK is sure that good ideas and advancements in the future guarantee success. Contact information: AFK Andreas Franke Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH & co. KG Andreas Franke Industriestrasse 53 55 57413 Finnentrop FON: + 49 27 21 / 95 44 40 fax: + 49 27 21 / 95 44 – 50 Company Description: AFK Kunststoffverarbeitung is the sought-after partner, when it comes to precision parts or complete solutions for thermoplastic applications. The specialists of the Finnentroper company for plastic processing realize planning and design, toolmaking, production and Assembly of components. The combination of several different materials in a worker process is the great strength of AFK. Experienced manufacturer of multicomponent matters while white moldings. Therefore, the plastic productions by AFK are versatile and meet special requirements for design, function and feel. The packaging and shipping logistics make perfect the service.