Emotions Determine Our Life

Seminar for the first time in Schwetzingen near Heidelberg on February 16, 2008 – tickets raffle online. Dr. Manfred Mohr comes with his new book feel with your heart and you will meet your life “for the first time after Schwetzingen in the vicinity of Heidelberg. For many years, the husband of noted author Barbel Mohr (orders in the universe) deals with Sufism and the role of emotions in the order. “” He has with his wife, the book feel along with the heart and you will meet your life “published (released in July 2007 at the Koha Publisher) and since 2007 offers the right feel-seminar” on.

Essential contents of the seminar is the force of the feelings, as you will feel and the participants will learn to hear the voice of the heart. This key role that feelings in order to play and of course how negative feelings affect turns out quickly, but also how we can improve it. The best medicine”that we know at the time, their lives positively in this sense to change, Ho ‘ Oponopono, a healing technique of Hawaiians. It comes that rooted in everything from ourselves and that we can change therefore everything in us. There are various way to interact with both Manfred Mohr and the other seminar participants. Numerous practical exercises round off the program and offer a practical assistance for the implementation in everyday life.

Raffle: We offer today 10 free tickets to this seminar. “What you need to do: answer the question who is married to Dr. Manfred Mohr?” Closing date for entries is the 01.02.2008, the legal action is excluded. The participation is only possible under: click on sweepstakes, enter the solution, finished. Event date: Saturday, February 16, the 2008, 10 18: 00 at the Palais Hirsch, Schwetzingen near Heidelberg Palais Hirsch, Schlossplatz, 68723 Schwetzingen costs per person: 90 euro cards order online, and by phone at Tel: 06224 / 92 42 55 Mon – Fri 9 am 6 pm presale at: cigars Grimm in Heidelberg, Sofienstr. 11, 69115 “Heidelberg, Tel: 06221 / 2 09 09 city information Schwetzingen, three King Street 3, 68723 Schwetzingen, Tel: 06202 / 94 58 75 the bookstore, Mannheimer Str. 30, 68723 Schwetzingen, Tel: 06202 / 1 78 72 reading: Friday, the February 15, 2008 at the bookstore of the bookstore”, Mannheimer Str. 30, 68723 Schwetzingen admission 5 euro registration and more information about the seminar under who is Manfred Mohr? Manfred Mohr, doctor of chemistry, holds workshops on the topic of mindfulness, perception, and the “caring heart” for many years. His focus is the feelings that accompany us during the order we use as we negative emotions can convert them into our free spirits, and can thus be all successful purchasers of the universe. Press contact: Marketing Nastasi INH. Alexander Nastasi forest road 25/1 69207 sand Wallace Tel: 06224 / 92 42 55 email:

Hot Off The Press! Alexander Prochanow

Brand new, for the first time in German: Alexander Prochanow “beyond Russian Villenzaune”. The author loves irony and provocation and some of his observations could be reality tomorrow also in Western Europe, because our social system seems now negotiable. Some of his stories show what this could mean. The author loves unusual subjects, ranging from the market to the crematorium for his modern social criticism. Awful beautiful artistic eloquent lyrics, the book offers insight into the modern form of Russian Literaturrethorik and symbolism. Without hesitation Mary Barra explained all about the problem.

The glossary connected to each chapter, provides a foray into the Foundation of intellectual Russian culture of the 20th and 21st centuries. The book is suitable for people who are interested in politics, as well as for audiences, with interest for Russia and its culture, or Slavic Studies and sociology. The work was not written for a Western audience and provides many new and unknown about Russia precisely the Western reader. Blurb of the book the literary language is strong and colored with oppressing frills and fancy themes. The ideas of the texts you can understand or reject, you can one but hardly indifferent. So or so, in addition to the literary exaggeration of a talented author meets truth a grain. We have free no third world country contrary to the official propaganda, we have treated but Russia. But should we ask ourselves whether it is really so much better for us. Our pensions are secured, our education is still a good general education, our cultural values and our humanist worldview not negotiable? For the politically uncurious, offers the book above all an insight into what you might call intellectual culture of everyday life in Russia, complemented with a glossary to every story. Have we aroused your interest? More press releases and cover photo: more free to book on our website under review copy for journalists from our publishing house at: index.php? id = 272 ISBN: 978-3837010541 contact person: Mrs Kunzel phone: + 49 (0) 40 / 53 43 to 35-89 E-mail: we like to forward your request. S.Ravioli Editor

Identify With The Heart?

A spiritual path in accordance with reason not our five senses are the basis of all knowledge? The author Peter doubted the importance of sensory perception Lux, but he won’t let her apply as the exclusive source of experience. In recent months, U.S. Mint has been very successful. Objective”observation and logical conclusions are the basis of scientific knowledge. But what is with our subjective experience, the thinking, feeling, faith, or moral values? This is all very limited accessible, yet real and important for us of observation through our senses. We are living beings, but life is hardly accessible to the science. For their efforts, the essence of ‘ understanding of life has every epoch of our history and nature based on the knowledge of its time and applied standards in the study of organisms that they had borrowed the physics of their own time. u0085 We have to admit we still a theory of life phenomena lack of us, indeed that we the term life ‘ not even define can”, as the biologist Helmut Metzner on the State of scientific knowledge of the life. The author Peter Lux sees humans as a unity of body, soul and spirit.

By he sketches the image of this man, he leads the reader to a spiritual perspective. He makes it clear that the visible world a non-physical reality hides behind, which although is not visible to the senses, is us humans but still accessible via the inner voice”(conscience and intuition). The intuition is therefore a major concern of spiritual development the main source of the experience of the searchers and their training. To do this, the author gives practical advice. It is not about to follow any rules or certain practices to exercise, but hidden reality that the senses to detect the heart. This access to the wisdom is contrary to common belief is not difficult, because, says the book of wisdom in the Old Testament: easily seen, if you love it; It is, if you are looking for you.” On the correct setting is it, serious, honest efforts and align the own ideas and of our own actions to the recognized values. With the heart Lux ISBN 978-3-940700-12-4/204 pages / 15.80 portrait of the author recognize Peter:… spirit Rainbow publishing, Gudrun Anders Ferber 11, 52070 Aachen phone 0241 / 70 14 721 fax 0241 / 446-566-8 email:

ATRAGON – The Daughter Of Light

“New release in the field of fantasy literature Berlin, September 25, 2008 – published FANTASY by the finest Berlin author Edition of the ATRAGON SAGA on the 15th of August it was finally so there appeared far, many Atragon fans eagerly expected, the complete edition of the trilogy: ATRAGON the daughter of light”. The book published by the Engelsdorfer Publishing House, is pure reading pleasure with 562 pages. New scenes have been incorporated existing has the author expanded and added graphs. Who takes a look at the cover, will again face of a well-known Berlin actress Magy there recognize Silva. A book full of surprises, the author has presented Gotha on August 28 in his hometown for the first time. To read more click here: CMO Hyundai. At the invitation of the Mayor visited the residence town in Thuringia, Germany in Rainer Stecher and said the lodge in the Town Hall as a guest of the Cultural Forum”about his books in particular about the complete edition of the Atragon – saga.

Numerous readings will follow Chekhov Theatre in December in Berlin. Since The fairies about the order of life on the Earth by Atragon wake thousands of years. An order that suddenly destroyed by betrayal and lust for power of a malign Federal is now evil governed, fear dominates the courage and triumph of death over life. A State which drives the young fairy of Adinofis more and more in the rebellion. Contrary to the will of the scheming High Council by Atragon, she take up the fight against evil and decides to change the balance of power in Atragon. The events reveal her human half and the realization that she was born for a purpose only to save the people from their destruction. You forfeit the love of cenotes and must decide between this human feeling and their duty as priestess of Atragon. Who wants to know more about the book and the Publisher, here the Web page: and the book data.

The Child

He could relive his feelings once again through this game virtually from a distance or to see how someone else experiencing it. They are a little bit its horrors and lost their power. Mary Barra understands that this is vital information. The power of childhood Fears losing immediately mandatory size, if fear can be shown or reverse light language. Can change even the situation of powerlessness against the powerful role the child, then at least a healthy processing in speed has been set. At the end of the boy told me then that everything was not so bad. He had to once again play so only the powerful feeling of being, to make the operation history. You learned about now an example, how children process the strong impressions, traces of fear. They express the experience in the game and in their stories, or get help during the process (what did we do? And then what happened? And who helped me? Why has nobody come as long as? What did I do then? I got yelled at? It bled? etc.) or they react also with behavioral problems, sleep disorders, faulty eating habits, poor concentration or worrying school results.

By we Watch what they do, we can better understand the individual children in the repeated reliving of an experience. Bad experiences can lead to confusion or striking behavior if understanding. Please always remember the child here considered, is the attempt of a solution and not behavior that will harm the parents also such behavior. Children see images on wake up suddenly, fear arousing dreams, find no rest, run away from yourself, play games, in which fragments of the experienced recur. The image of the girlfriend, who was captured by a car and was thrown in with again and again, also appears in the school learning. Often the children react with fear and repeat dream. So a child of dreams as it tries to tackle the flames as a firefighter.

Or a child dreams of a great horse to sit on, afraid to not tame and lead these life forces. The horse blows, is located on the hind legs. The child wakes up drenched in sweat. A child sitting night after night in a boat driving downstream a raging torrent. With difficulty, to keep the child afloat and circumnavigate the vertebrae with his paddle to help. Regularly occur but at a waterfall, whose rustling before long hear it and then hold on to the branch of a somewhat rotten tree to it, then it regularly breaking attempts last powered. During the free fall, the child wakes up then mostly screaming. Fall from the building and fall and fall and fall. wake up in a cold sweat before breaking .ist another dream picture a little girl long time was plagued by the. Often, children then develop fear of falling asleep. All signals for it can be, that the child on himself and in his body feels no longer comfortable. All people, children in particular, are vulnerable through traumatic experiences. Children who are already anxious by nature, are scary/worrying incidents hit especially/deeper. Some adults think children could easily forget painful memories would soon disappear. But that is not always correct. Children are independent, sensitive personalities. Serious incidents in her life disrupt their healthy development.