Tourism Tours

Many people ponder over how best to spend your vacation. After all, vacation – it's a very welcome (though regular) event in the life of any person. After all, most people are very hard working, most of the their time and effort to dedicate the work – which is why you want to use it successfully as a fairly short time of rest, which we got only a couple of times a year. Whether it's holiday time or during the New Year vacation – want to spend these few weeks so that the impressions of the rest have survived for long. Of course, all the time to sit on the couch watching TV, or spend their holidays with relatives in the country – hardly anyone seriously can bring happiness to the prospect.

If you have time and material resources, most people prefer to go to any trip. Today the tourism business is very developed, so at any travel agency can offer you a lot of variety of recreational activities. Who would want to go sightseeing in a tourist trip to European countries and devote vacation inspection attractions. Many people like a more relaxing holiday option: spend a week on an exotic beach, enjoying the sunshine and pure sea water, turn away from the constant stress and domestic troubles … But it's not all ways in which a great time holiday.

If you want something more exotic than a set list of tourist trips in any travel agency, can offer you several different tour. Fishing in the Pacific. It's quite neizbity option, but, believe me, after fishing in Costa Rica is not dissatisfied. Because Costa Rica is not for nothing is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery, wonderful lakes and even active volcanoes. Sights of Costa Rica – that's exactly what you need. And for lovers of fishing in Costa Rica is a paradise at all. At one of the most famous Lakes of Costa Rica – Lake Arenal regularly organizes activities for sport fishing. It is in the waters of this lake is a rare fish called the rainbow breaststroke, for which the avid fisherman ready to go to the end of the world.

Green City

Surazh – small, cozy and green city of Bryansk. History Surazh goes back to antiquity. This is evidenced by Surazh fort on the banks of the river Iput. The rich, the Moscow merchants surazhtsy founded here their trading colony, known as – Surazhichi. V1781, the village has been transformed into Surazhichi Surazh city. During the Great Patriotic War Surazh was occupied by German fascist troops, during this period in the city acted several underground groups.

September 25, 1943 soldiers liberated the city of Bryansk Front. Urban development enterprise of JSC 'proletarian'. Not only underground, but thousands of surazhan who fought on the fields of the Great Patriotic War, have contributed to the Great Victory over Nazi Germany, and ten natives of our district was awarded the highest award the country – the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. In honor of them in Surazh opened Alley of Heroes, named the streets, created school museums. Bolmat Vasily S. was born in 1925 in the village of Kalinka into a poor peasant family.

After graduating from elementary school, he worked on the farm, and then studied at night school and Surazh worked as a secretary Village Council at Kalinka, studied in Surazh pedagogicheskomuchilische. At the urging of the Komsomol Central Committee, he entered the Kharkov flight school, where he graduated in 1937. In 1939, the pilot VS Bolmat involved in fights at Khalkhin Gol with Japanese samurai, and in 1940 as commander of a unit in the war with Finland, he made seven combat missions and for bravery was awarded the Order of Lenin.