It was with this expectation that we look for to make contact with a current cigana community. The encampment gypsy was detected in a next highway to the UFG. He was composed of three improvised tents that more seemed to belong to the MST, total off of materiality. Nothing of carpets, no woman with long skirt or handkerchief in the head, no signal of the espectativa that I had of religiosidade or some symbol that identified the cigana culture. It shocked me to the poverty, as well as the scarcity of existing people in the encampment, giving the impression to me to that the cigana culture was inexistent or well next to this. But as they had told, existed a link of the culture that was the dialect and that he was used at night in the colloquies between the parents. It is vital that they have conscience of the importance of these moments of use of the dialect and that also they repass to young this habit as form of resistance of the culture.

In them it seemed that at the moment the ethos of this small community nera the proper survival, made through the plate cloth sales. This evidenced reality if incased with the profile of Yuri, the trading gypsy. We evidence that the cigana community in Goinia had left of being nomadic, changed the tents for houses and if mesclado to the society. The children can go to the school and run the risk not to learn more the dialect, since they are if tying with the social context of the city and silencing its culture. After the contact with the two communities and of register through photos we work with a Storm of Ideas where we list words as daily, provocations, insertion, sacred, entrecruzamentos, hibridismo. From then on we opt to working in a multidimensional way, where each one could develop one of these words in an individual work with images, using proper the imaginary one on the cultures that we were searching.

Comparative Situation Current Goal Shavings

In tables below to be analyzed scene will be the ratios of evolution, observing the scenes of goals shown in the project. – Comparative Goal Carried through Current Shavings for: Comparative Goal Current Shavings For Carried through Goal Smooth AtualMeta Realizada% Lisa3.00%4.21%28.74% Impresso4.00%8.06%50.37%/Impresso3.26%5.21%37.45% As seen in this comparative degree, today the Ghiold line is 37.45% above of the shaving goal proposal. – Comparative Situation Current Goal shavings For Goal Proposal: Comparative Situation Current Goal Shavings for Goal Proposal Goal AtualMeta Proposta% Lisa3.00%3.50%14.29% Smooth Impresso4.00%4.60%13.04%/Impresso3.26%3.79%13.89% In this analysis notice that the goals proposals have an addition of 13,89% for the current goals. – Evolution Situation Current Goal for Carried through Goal: Evolution Situation Current Goal for Carried through Goal Goal Smooth PropostMeta Realizada% Lisa3.50%4.21%16.86% Impresso4.60%8.06%42.93%/Impresso3.79%5.21%27.36% In this scene, verified the reduction of 27,36% of the goal carried through in the year of 2010 for the goal proposal pra 2011. In such a way it can be said that the proposal for the goal shavings is viable. Conclusion.

The pigment consumption is determined in accordance with the characteristics of the structure of each material, and/or in accordance with the request of the customer. Of this form it is looked to find a factor that is proportional the variation of the pigment. Verifying the goals above we will see the first moment that are low and that it will not have no effect. But if the goals proposals will be reach, will have an increase in significant production to the end of each month. Of smooth film we will approximately have a profit of 10,920, 00kg more than the production, and material printed matter a volume of 7462,00kg. Analyzing film smooth printed matter and it more totalized a total of 10.019kg of material for the monthly invoicing. Converting into currency symbols it is an increase of R$ 62,119, 00 month, considering the average value of sales of films diaper, R$ 6,20. for the shaving goal can it 27,36% reduction the first moment is an interesting idea for the line of diapers. As cited in the first paragraph, they are goals that seem to be below of the considered one for the organization, but in the current reality, it generates a UP- interesting Grating for the monthly closing, and the objectives of the organization. Also in motivating the involved team in the operation diaper that urgently needs spirit and expectations while the execution of its productive tasks in favor of the organization.