Supplement Multitran

“No wonder that my unsystematic dictionary” by Pavel Palazhchenko which developed in the age of Web 2.0 to a forum of the lexicographical Association of LINGVO (…) and offers excellent opportunities for a professional and interdisciplinary exchange of all interested Russian translators and interpreters. These Seelosii are limited to the English and Russian Spracxhen. “For Russian german and german Russian translator and interpreter givt it to our knowledge no comparable Forum, except Multitran ( c /..), which serves as the focal point for many seeking advice translators and interpreters and unsystematic” Supplement is resulted in the online dictionary. So it’s time to systematize these experiences to a new comunication with reference sources, glossaries, terminology databases and translation memories is created. Prepare for this reason translators and interpreters of Tomarenko technical translations + DTP before a series of online publications as tools and information for translations into Russian and German.

Some tricky cases, problem situations with difficult will be to a small Russian German Glossary in the field of Finance (link) in our blog”(series of tricky commented translations and practical experiences Translations”link). The translation Office relies on the support of colleagues. All interested parties are invited to join. The contact information as well as the first post of the series of tricky translations”(as translated it into Russian the concepts of efficiency and effectiveness) is provided on the website as well as in the blog (blog). To translate a dictionary or to create the first steps, why not, are likely.