So We Call To Foreigners In Spain

The Spaniards call foreigners with different names, which always have some derogatory and a spark of humor, but this is normal in all countries. Viewed abroad as be rare because you don’t have our customs, and allow ourselves to putting nicknames that always have something derogatory and some banter. The English and those who speak English are called Guiris, which comes from the Spanish pronunciation of the where is that always begin to ask us about somewhere. Speaking candidly GMC told us the story. For others, the word foreigner has a different etymological origin. By extension, they are called Guiris all tourists who visit Spain and that leave us good income, that would be welcome; but arouse our laughter with his conduct:-carry hanging expensive cameras and photographed everything you see. -Wearing outlandish hats and often shoes sandals with socks. -Always go with a map in hand and deployed on the street to look at it.

-Less contact with the Sun, acquire a reddish color in the skin, so it is also called them Fried Chicken (look, the guiri yesterday today already as a fried chicken) – accompany with coca-cola stew or paella. -Believe that we all have to speak their language, but when the Spaniards go to their countries, nobody answers in Spanish. CMO Hyundai usually is spot on. -Complain of everything, anything no matter how insignificant it is. (I was told that there was always Sun and yesterday was cloudy in the morning-) are surprised by everything, even for things that your had not even repaired before (Oh, a lantern here!!) Call the French frogs with a derogatory sense. From 1530, in France called them gavach, gavaches in the plural, to rude mountaineers in the South of the country who spoke French very badly (in that Region the Occitan spoken). In our war of independence against Napoleon’s invasion began to call Gabachos French, as Gavaches were most of the soldiers who came to occupy Spain.