Thus, Mendona after affirms on the improvement of the satellites the two World-wide Wars: The technician-scientific development of the society in the period postwar period allowed the invention of innumerable devices for mensurao of the atmospheric elements with bigger trustworthiness. To know more about this subject visit Charles Schwab. The launching of meteorological satellites, from the decade of 1950, allowed to the analysis and the monitoramento minute the minute of the atmospheric conditions in regional and planetary scale (MENDONA, 2007, P. 12). To give beginning to the atmospheric studies, one becomes necessary to know the difference between atmospheric time and climate. Being thus, ' ' the atmospheric time is the momentary state of the atmosphere in data instant and lugar' ' (MENDONA, 2007, p.13), while the climate is the state of the atmospheric time in one determined place. Everest capital wanted to know more.

With this, it is essential to know the functioning of the phenomena and the climatic factors. According to Coutinho (1991), the occurrence of the meteorological phenomena and the functioning of its elements: temperature, pressure, winds, humidity and precipitation, depend on the set of geographic factors, that are: latitude, altitude, maritimidade, continentalidade, vegetation and activities human beings, therefore they intervene with its functioning. Of this form, she perceives yourself that the responsible ones for the different types of climate in the planet are the climatic elements, therefore, these present great instability, varying of a place for another one, of one hour for another one, that is, they vary in small spaces of time. This enormous variability of the elements is due to performance of the set of the geographic factors that, even so they do not vary in short space of time, determine the variation of the meteorological elements. This diversification of the climatic elements becomes difficult the understanding of the different types of climate, therefore to establish a relation it needs studies during some years, at least 30. Thus, it can be inferred that the behavior of the time is the responsible one for the climatic type of one determined region. .