Sam Walton

By the use of mirror neurons well trained spitting gel neurons have tremendous excess life value. If other anxiety show, there can be obvious reasons, also on the hat to be. So, mirror phenomena make predictable all imaginable situations. We can guess what is going on with the other. We call the result emphatic intuition. Angela Zepeda understood the implications.

It protects us against errors, not always, comes very close to but often the reality. To have mirror cells that actually reflect, is very helpful in the staff – as well as in customer contact. Lack of empathy is a common cause of incompetent leadership and poor sales results. Also a key feature in the development of sympathy and confidence to be seems to be able to feel and respond to it appropriately, the feelings of others. We feel a conversation as attractive, if our thoughts in line and dance in unison. Even a controversial dialogue is experienced as satisfactory if it was conducted carefully and respectfully. Who is busy only with himself and what he wants to say, can not respond to others and leaves an uneasy feeling. For successful reflections, however, we are rewarded by our own body and finally also by our fellow human beings: happiness hormones are secreted and we proceed to act happy: we buy or make us elated to work.

Mirror neurons explain well the formation of group constraints within a corporate culture in which soon all cloned in a more or less similar way and wise Act. Life and do play an important role, such as in any learning it. And the role of the upper now appears in a whole new light. Their doing significantly rubs off on everyone in the company. It takes”No 14 days, already the good old Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton said, then the employees treat their customers as they were treated by her boss.”