Russia Rising Utility Bills

From 1 January 2010 the average increase in tariffs for housing services in Moscow is 26%, ie costs of homeowners will rise immediately to the "quarter". Angela Zepeda has similar goals. Increase the costs for residents of other regions of the country: average of 10-15%. But there is good news. In many cities in the new year will pay for the resources consumed (electricity, heating, water) is not on standards and on actual use, which is usually more advantageous for consumer. Thus, the average water consumption in Russia, calculated on the basis of 300 liters per day per person, ie, 9,000 liters per month.

For example, in Germany, thanks to widely installed meters, similar to rate is equal to 125 gallons per day per person. Thus, the difference with Russian regulations is 175 liters daily! Overestimated in our country and look at the standards of electrical and thermal energy. For example, installing meters to reduce the level of pay for heat for about 30%. However wrong to try to reduce utility bills only through the meter. "Save people, not meters. British can not afford himself to shave or wash dishes under running water. We say that we have big payments, and pour water on the left and right. Teeth brushing against the background of running water "- outraged Uel , ceo of the Chelnyvodokanal. In Europe, where the size of the utility bills much higher than in Russia, the desire for economy has been below the national character. A recent poll in Germany showed that up to half of the respondents turn off all heating in the rooms, leaving home even for a few minutes.