Revalue Argentinian Currency?

I have heard and read with astonishment that some people insist that the government take measures of the conversion to “revalue” the Yen. Our currency and set its price (exchange rate) to a value that reflects “the reality “(at least they perceive reality), citing as justification for this loss of relative value that has suffered the Euro against the U.S. dollar. That is not the case, is not blowing and making bottles as they seem to think these people, a government can arbitrarily fix the exchange rate of the currency of the nation (they represent and whose assets managed) so cyclical, even arbitrary or underpinned by nonsense of all sorts and maintain this rate of change for time periods as long as the economy endurance (always assuming that government that really interest you, the economic realities), but this in no way means that the price or fixed rate is appropriate, even minimally, with the actual value of the coin, if no Look at the arbitrary fixing of the exchange rate in Argentina before the recent crisis or in an enviable rate of change that has the luxury of keeping the Cuban economy collapsed. This value is determined by a multitude of factors whose balance is very delicate and only governments / administrators, highly efficient and skilled are able to keep these balances thus giving strength to their currencies and this, everyone knows, has not been the case of Venezuela for many years. From the “black Friday” to today, our currency has devalued by more than 50,000%.