The Indian Foreign Minister, Pranab Mukherjee, funds emphasized today at the … China starts investments construction of eight strategic oil reserves …
U.S. gold coin of five dollars: 1914 Eagle Media. The gold reserves of the Bank of England was mainly in the form of coins, which the Americans were very abundant.
The convoy made towards the USSR, and the night of November 2 was found to Stalin investment management who had arrived Asset Management at Odessa three boats loaded with gold-the “Kursk” was damaged by a few days delay, particularly with 5779 boxes of precious metal. One of the contributors to the overall GPU Walter Krivitsky he described the remarkable scene at the Russian port:
“The whole area near the dam was cleared and surrounded by cordons of special troops. Through the empty space between the dock and the railroad, the highest leaders of the Ogpu carrying boxes of gold on their backs. For several days we were transporting the gold, loaded on trucks and taking it to Moscow in armed convoys. I try to give me an idea of the quantity of gold which had discharged in Odessa while walking by the great Red Square. He said the extension that surrounded us and said: “If all the gold boxes stacked on the docks of Odessa were placed here next to each other, completely covering the Plaza Roja. “
Gold, guarded by the NKVD of the 173 Regiment, moved immediately to the Storage of Precious Metals from the State of the People’s Commissariat for Finance (Gokhran), in Moscow, where he was received as a deposit according to a protocol, UCSD dated the November 5, which appointed a commission formed by receiving the representatives of the Commissariat Finanazas, JV Margoulis, director of Precious Metals, OI Kagan, director of the Currency, the representative of the Commissariat of Foreign Affairs and the Spanish ambassador in the Soviet Union, Marcelino Pascua. The gold arrived in the Soviet capital a day before the 19th anniversary of the October Revolution. Between 6 and 7 was the arrival and acceptance of the boxes containing precious metals in accordance with the verbal statement of the ambassador of the Spanish Republic in Moscow … and the employees of the Bank of England to accompany the convoy. .. (because) the boxes are not numbered and fitted with accompanying bills that would have indicated the amount, weight and contrast of the metal. ” According to Orlov, Stalin now welcome gold with a banquet attended andalusia member of the Politburo in which they would have said: “The Spaniards will not see their gold anymore, nor are their orejas ‘, a term that I am a Russian proverb.
Gold stay safe in Gokhran under military guard, and between 9 and November 10 came the last 2021 cases, which travel in the “Kursk”, signed in the second of these dates protocol strictness. Then proceeded to recount a funds sample of 372 boxes to be used to draft the preliminary report of reception, which was lifted on November 20. Next, recounting the total deposit for which the four were allowed a period of one year, working themselves into two daily shifts of seven hours, but the recount, which began on December 5, the term January 24, 1937, despite having performed with the utmost care. 15,571 bags were opened, finding in it 16 different kinds of gold: pounds sterling (70 ), ESP and FF Louis, DEM, BEF Lit Esc, Russian rubles, Austrian crowns , Dutch guilders, Swiss francs, Mexican pesos, Argentine pesos, Chilean pesos and, of course, an extraordinary amount of U.S. dollars. The deposit amounted to 509,287.183 pounds of coins and 792,346 kilograms of gold ingots and scrap a total, then, exactly 510,079,529.30 gross grams of gold, a law that half amounted to 900 milliseconds 460,568,245.59 grams of fine gold (troy ounces each 14807363.8). The value of this gold was gold of 1,592,851,910 pesetas (518 million dollars). In addition, the value of currencies Numismatico was much higher than the gold it contained, although the Soviets were not calculated or into account. However, if they care to enumerate special coins that were false, defective or containing less gold due. Explained that the Soviets never took the rare and ancient coins, although it is doubtful that merged. Burnett Bolloten suggests that it may MBA deviate value of all currencies Numismatico with Asset Management the idea of selling in the international market gradually.
After the counting, the February 5, 1937 the Spanish ambassador and the heads Soviets G. F. economy. International reserves are close to 36 billion dollars … Consultation Meeting of Foreign Ministers at the OAS, 18-03-08 ..