Randy Gage

Practical exercise: 1. this issue is so delicate and so complicated, that I only suggest you to do it, is as an example, if you do not want, do not do it, it’s your choice. 2. For example, if your belief is that being poor is of a great nobility, that only poor people are good people, replace it with the belief that God wants you to be rich, that is your birthright to be wealthy, healthy and happy. 3. If you think that rich people is evil, which has only become rich cheating the poor and innocent people, if you’re rich, you’re wrong, that money is bad, change this belief by the belief that says that your thoughts are a tool for you to be rich or you’re poor. 4 Change your beliefs is very difficult, it is like breaking a piece of it and pull it and to accept a new belief, you have to think about it every day, imagine you acting under this concept, until, after a month, for example, it will be as a habit, you’re going to get with your new idea, with your new conceptThis concept is now yours and will be very difficult to renounce him, because now it’s yours.

5. These two beliefs, 1. God wants you to be rich, and 2. Your thoughts are a tool for you to be rich or so you’re poor, have helped you Randy Gage to completely change your lifestyle and adopting these two beliefs, as the basis for your belief system, have a fantastic success in his life and his career in the MLM industry. At the end let me a comment on this article, your opinion I care is very important for me, let me know your problems, your concerns, your doubts, your frustrations. Thanks a lot. Toader Matei of Sage corner: Goethe original Autor and source of the article