Jens Dagne

A brisk work is important in any case. Because the lingering on one is also ironing Where disastrous”so Dagne next. Whether curly or straight hair, the most iron are both can and manufacturers there are many. To find your way, Promifriseur Jens Dagne advises on the following things to ensure: the straightening iron should be adjustable. Fine hair never about 180 at thick or even frizzy hair it must be maximum up to 220. A Teflon coating is indispensable and the two straightening plates should be ceramic. Curling irons are an alternative to the iron. But here too the right is valid before and after hair care.

Sure they are suitable, if one wants to turn curly hair easier to manage as a straightening iron and therefore especially good for beginners”, Dagne said. “Is important in any case, that the hair first lured to the more aggressive approach, and then edited the lengths of thinner, often strained. Clips and pins to the parts of the hair provide for easier work. Special caution is required at the top. You need to be exactly curling iron or natural bristle brush (for the) Run dry), so that there are no kinks in the hair. “How often, hair styling devices can be edited, depends on the intensity of hair care immediately. Optimal care is nothing against regular use of styling devices. If you have split ends and hair must first made an accurate diagnosis, are probably a top cut made and a corresponding Spitzenfluid used. Finally, Jens Dagne gives the advice: “don’t buy any device. Go to a good hairdresser and consult extensively, then you will have certainly enjoy the new styling of your hair.”

State Training

Fast lane takes an another Cisco Nexus 5000 and 2000 lab at the training center of Berlin commissioned Hamburg/Berlin, September 20, 2010 practical exercises with real equipment occupy an important part of training in the field of high-end. For the successful operation and the management of complex data center technologies, the IT training expert currently has fast lane ( an additional Cisco Nexus 5000 and 2000 lab set for 16 participants at the training center in Berlin. Under, remotelablive possible is a look at the new facilities on a live webcam. The new Cisco Nexus lab was equipped with State of the art hardware. So to stand six nexus 5000 switches and six nexus 2000 fabric Extender available. In addition is the Cisco laboratory with six MDS 9124 multilayer fabric switches, as well as a NetApp storage system. Customers and students can remote time – and location-independent access on the new training and evaluation environment. Practical learning sequences based on this equipment supplement training from the data center area, as for example: Iamplementing data center networks using the Cisco Nexus 5000 switch and 2000 Fbric Extender “(IDCN5K) this three-day course provides comprehensive know-how to the Cisco-SAN/LAN network architecture and protocols FCoE (FibreChannel over Ethernet) and DCB (data center bridging).” The architecture of hardware and software of the nexus 5000 and nexus are the focus 2000 platforms.

Among other things you turn out the differences of different design variants of modern data center architectures fast lane experts. More training sequences include the integration of virtualized servers (ESX), blade servers and rack mount servers in these designs. For more information about the course, upcoming dates and prices see: course/fl-idcn5k. In addition, this data center training available and others are in the fast lane training portfolio: – virtual dynamic data center (VDDC) – data center unified computing design (DCUCD) – data center unified computing implementation (DCUCI) – implementing secure multi-tenancy (ISMT) – Cisco Nexus overview workshop (CNOW) – Cisco data center Architectural Overview (DCAO) – data center network infrastructure design (DCNID) – implementing data center networks using the Cisco Nexus 1000V switch (IDCN1V) – new vSphere what BBs 4.0 on nexus 1000V data center networks (WNNDC) – install, config & vSphere manage nexus 1000V data center networks (ICMNDC) – on implementing data center networks using the Cisco Nexus 7000 switch (IDCN7K) – Implementing Cisco data center networking infrastructure 2 (DCNI-2) fast lane brief portrait: The fast-lane group with headquarters in Berlin, Cary (NC), San Jose de Costa Rica, Ljubljana, St.

Good News For Equal Treatment And Pensions In The BAV

Press release of the febs Consulting GmbH, September 23, 2010 good news for equal treatment and pensions in pension – from the day of the bAV at febs consulting on 21 and 22 September 2010 febs consulting back personnel and bAV charge larger enterprises to the traditional days of the pension after Grasbrunn near Munich invited. After giving an overview of lawyer Thorsten Walther of the jurisdiction of the last few months, febs Managing Director took up some particularly important for the bAV judgments Andreas Buttler and explained the practical importance. A significant relief to supply works with survivor’s pensions the BAG brings judgment of April 20, 2010. Is the BAG had been standing to an employer, a survivor’s pension on the case to restrict that marriage before the Ausscheiden the company was closed. According to the judge, nothing would thus taken an outgoing worker what he already had during its service time. According to he febs is the verdict from a practical standpoint of importance.

Because with a departing employee the employer usually never learns when the employee is married. We know many supply works, where the employers over the years across pays insurance premiums for no longer vorhandene spouses and the actual spouses are not covered but”explains febs-chef Andreas Buttler and is pleased that this can be avoided in the future more easily. A piece of good news has given the BAG by judgment of December 22, 2009 for the GleichbeHandlung in the bAV. In the judgment the judge made it clear once again that the principle of equal treatment only applies if a generalisierendes principle is recognizable for the CPS in the company? Besserstellungen individual individuellen reasons are possible, without thereby all other staff could make similar claims. But the experts of the febs have nevertheless a warning ready: often overlooked,. clearly agree that the better “single letter instead of usual care occurs and is not granted. See a complete overview of all treated the contents of two days updates.

At the end of the two days of the workshop at febs all participants agreed, that the last few months have brought not only new restriktionen for the CPS, but also many new creative possibilities. Who wants to take advantage of these opportunities, should be technically, legally informed”stressed the two febs CEO and immediately took the opportunity to the participants to introduce the new seminar program 2010/2011 of the febs Academy. In addition to the classical topics the Academy from January 2011 the update seminar series offers also current challenges in the bAV”. Seminars at to find the full seminar program. Your contact of febs Consulting GmbH Andreas Buttler CEO in the high field 3 85630 Grasbrunn/Munchen Tel. 089 / 890 42 86-10 as we employers in all questions relating to pension and TimeValue accounts consult independent experts and certified pension consultant. We analyze and refurbish existing power plants, create actuarial opinion of balance of and assist employers in the implementation of the new balance of power.

Charles Bridge

Here is a curious legend about one of them that managed to turn metals into gold. It is in this alley where you can visit the House where Franz Kafka lived. Just before the Castle, you will find the Church of Loreto, which also is worth a look. From here, a walk to the neighborhood Jew, where you can visit the old Jewish cemetery, famous unfortunately thanks to the nazi Holocaust, as well as several of their synagogues. Near here inform by the powder tower and the Charles Bridge, where you will find dozens of artists offering a wide range of paintings and photographs of the city. Take a look, which is worth. In terms of what you can do, do not forget to go through Wenceslas if you want to go shopping or drinks at night.

Walk by the Vltava River on a cruise ship, it is another way of seeing the city and don’t forget to go to the famous Black Theatre Prague, where you can enjoy a play entirely different than usual. Remember that close to Prague, and already out of its Centre, there are a lot of small towns and castles to visit, but that will save it for another article. Now you the hardest thing, which is to find a cheap hotel in Prague and this is not easy. The more you alejeis Center, cheaper are the hotels, and you can be worthwhile to leave you a little since communications with the center of the city are quite good, well in metro, bus or tram. The metro just 00: 00, but we still I the option of night buses to enjoy Prague’s night. After reading all this, you will have been willing to know more about this lovely city, so here you have a page where able to see much more about this.

Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding hairstyle is one of the most important elements of the image bride. Wedding Hair should not only be elegant, sophisticated and unique, but as it is not strange sounds reliable. After all, hair should ideally hold all day: and during the photography and wedding festivities at the bride's hair must be above reproach. Hairstyle should be in harmony with both make-up and the bride's dress, and conform to the shape of her face. Choosing wedding hairstyles depends on many nuances. For example, if to a wedding, wedding hairstyle should be as simple as possible to make the low beam or rollers. The hair should be combed back without a parting, or parting. Instead of curls around the circumference of the head trailing thin braids or twisted hair from the temples and put them in pencil.

If a bride's wedding plans are not included, before it opened a wide selection of wedding hairstyles and accessories. Curly hair traditionally symbolize femininity. And if you want to create a romantic wedding style, gentle waves, fine curls or fluffy hair – all this for you. Will be very useful accessories: Tiaras – an ornament in the form small open crown or wrap with sequins and beads. Or fresh flowers – one of the traditional options for decorating hair. Silk flowers are becoming increasingly popular, and a large variety of silk fabrics and colors only increase interest in them brides. Silk flowers are available at present, sometimes indistinguishable from real flowers. Short hair can also look charming and extravagant. It is particularly suited slim brides, and those who have thin hair, helps create the illusion of volume. On the wedding day short hair look great without any ornaments, and among the accessories you can find them elegant tiara or a wreath.

Coswig Germany

When the wallpaper photo wallpaper, you should some keep in mind how so many trends are resurrected again also the photo wallpapers. Already in the 1970s, sparkling white beaches, cliched sunsets and exotic Palm trees decorate the living room. At that time, the wallpaper only on paper were printed. Read the quality to be desired and who didn’t in the cropping and wallpapering, had a mural with folds and open joints. Today, times have changed. Photo wall-papers are back in fashion and have gained good quality. Photo wall-papers from the fairy tale forest to the data tunnel the choice of photo wallpaper does today. From the construction site, the Zoo or fairytale forest for children about romantic alleys of Provence, lavender fields to the stylish data tunnel and the seductive pin-up girl the collections have today about.

There’s hardly a desire which is not fulfilled. With the wallpaper also many interior design opportunities. Times funny, Cheeky, even elegant noble, the motif determines the atmosphere in the room and the walls are something special. When purchasing, you absolutely should pay attention to the size. So before the wall measure out and buy the correct size. Many motifs are offered in different sizes in the wallpapers online shop by Decowunder. Right wallpapering is the half image who would like wallpaper photo wallpapers, should proceed step by step. Photo wall-papers are delivered in parts.

These can be lost depending on the manufacturer in railways or delivered as one or more boxes. Before application you should mark necessarily exactly the area. The image must be aligned exactly, because every crooked car later falls into the field of view. Today, photo wallpapers are ideal on a non-woven backing. Non-woven backing have the advantage of being dimensionally stable. While a paper carrier with the dampness of paste changes its dimensions, fleece always remains the same. Paper expands on contact with the water in the glue and constricts later dry again. The soft times the individual railways not exactly respected, can cause different drying tensions. The result: It caused wrinkles or even open seams, which spoil the overall impression of the image. Photo wallpapers on fleece facilitate the decorating process fleece has many advantages. The modern material is particularly dimensional stability and allows easy to bring wallpaper to the wall. Right when the photo wall-papers are papers, the final image is seen. Even if the wallpaper is dry, the wallpaper image is not changed. The cars are assembled, care must be taken on the subject. The dimensional stability of the non-woven wallpaper is proven at this point. The motif is lined up exactly, the trains collide. Who has opted for non-woven wallpaper, can choose between two options. Either we are pasted the cars usually or it used the wall adhesion technique. The individual railways are smooth painted with a soft brush. This is to ensure that no air pockets remain. Glue residues, from the shock escape, are to be removed, because otherwise later dry immediately with a clean, damp cloth and become visible. And a chic wall is finished, which is full of their own flair and depending on the motif gives the room the right mood. Contact: Protatec GmbH brick road 12 01640 Coswig Germany phone: +49(0)3523 53578 0 fax: +49(0)3523 53578 20 E-Mail: info @ Web:

Photo Canvas

Unusual gift ideas with your photo canvas unusual gift ideas with your photo canvas a photo canvas has become in the last years of a rather small insider tip to a true and original gift for many occasions. Whether as birthday presents or personalized wedding gifts, with a photo you will make happy screen each recipient. A small photo canvas as a thank you for your best friend, a huge photo canvas with a beach motif as eye-catcher in your own living room incredibly many possibilities are open. Canvas as a piece of jewelry in the garden do you know the photo actually that you can use canvas not only in spaces a photo, but also to the design and beautification of the garden? The material, the high quality wood as well as the photo canvas fabric, hold both heat and cold, and rain out. In particular the photo printing, consisting of is best colors and printing techniques, won’t fade or be there washed off the pressure up to deep in the fibers of the material are printed. Creative and original gifts with a photo canvas your best friends have just redesigned their garden beautifully planted and newly created, and will soon make their first barbecue in the new garden? You can help them wonderfully with your great interior design ideas… Clearly you can provide photo canvas with a great photo on one of the gift of the evening you just search out a great photo of the two, decide on a size of photo canvas and your photo canvas printing and production can go. Within a few days, is the photo canvas already ready to ship and will sure be a great surprise for your friends. Hannah Lorenz

Web Page Using Photoshop

Photoshop gives the Web pages your unique touch. Why Photoshop is hardly to imagine. Web pages as Photoshopkunstucke with Photoshop can edit graphics or create from scratch. Photoshop is the most powerful and most popular graphics program in the zweidemensionalen area. And also in the Web design, Photoshop is an integral part.

A piece of Photoshop inside any Web page. But why is that? To do this, it is important to know which type of graphical elaboration in a Web page is at all important. At the beginning of any design is a sogn. Scribble. A Scribble is a basic concept that sketchy shows the finished Web page structure should look like. This isn’t about the detailed elaboration of stylistic subtleties. Rather is the arrangement of the individual elements in the foreground. There are programs that provide standardized design elements to a scribble to click together.

But of course these programs represent the possibilities just a snippet, that are possible with a scribble in Photoshop. Photoshop is so It’s the concept of a Web page. Photoshop of course inside the finished Web page itself. All graphics that look like a Web page can be as she looks in the end, are created with Photoshop in General. And these are not only those images that immediately jump the viewer in the eye. Of course also gradients, buttons and structures in Photoshop have been created and optimized for the Web. Modern Web design is a Symbionse barrier-free CSS, functional HTML and graphically sophisticated Photoshop. No wonder, then, that a Web Designer must master not only dealing with the language, but also with Photoshop. Who want to create a Web page, should be based not only on the quality of the source text, but also on the quality of the layout. While the source code for search engines is interesting, appealing designed Web pages for visitors to use. And Web pages be made not for search engines, but for visitors. And that includes not only the barrier-free Programming with one, but also the appealing design with Photoshop.

Photo Printing

Design your bag design with photo printing with your photo with photo printing with your your Pocket pets photo ever since you can think your great passion. Did you follow look every dog as a child, went to every dog and your greatest dream was to have at some point at least an own dog. Your parents were at that time unfortunately yet quite so enthusiastic about your dreams and desires, so it had to wait unfortunately a little with your own dog. But for a few years, he now lives with you, your dog. Your faithful friend and companion. Hundreds of photos you’ve already shot, collecting them proudly in albums and in folders on your Computer…wie it would be if you could design a bag of your favorite photos with photo printing? The iPad Pocket as a personal Christmas gifts there are different options of the bag with photo printing: the handbag, a travel bag, a make-up bag or but also a trendy iPad bag is very popular.

Printed on both sides with your photo (or two unterscheiedlichen photos) is produced from high-quality Neoprene material a wonderful and original bag with photo printing. These you can use for yourself or give away as well as personalized Christmas gifts to friends and family. Personalized Christmas gifts from your favorite photos of course each photo can be used for printing, there may not be a photo of your dog. Whether in color, in black/white or in different processing options how the pop do kind of photo with your ideas and conceptions arise with photo printing your creative and original bag. Hannah Lorenz


When I do not know the rule of thirds in the previous entry of the basic course of photography we saw what was the rule of thirds in photography. At the end of the entry I warned that on certain occasions this rule can be ignored for pictures that seem most interesting to us. You will then indicate with examples cases in which I am ignorant of this rule. 1 Images reflected in some occasions we are photographing a landscape in which a mountain, town, etc. is reflected on a Lake, River, reservoir or other surface water.

Sometimes I decide to put the line that separates the actual image mirror right in the horizontal half of the picture. Thus with a certain balance and an effect of mirror image which leads the observer to go all photography contemplating and comparing the reflection with the reality. Even so I always try to avoid totally focus the horizontal line. To see the pictures visit: in this image, although the quality of the reflection is not excellent, I opted for rather focus the horizon to give prominence to the reflections. I do not usually do this if I note that the quality of the reflection is not especially good (in the former case a gust of wind as he ran the time on the timer of the camera messed me a little these reflexes). I would say that if it blows some wind that allows to appear reflexes but somewhat blurred, I try to give prominence to the real image leaving the horizontal line (which divides the reflection of reality) in the bottom third.