Mysterious Aurum

That attracts millions of people around the world? For that fought and died throughout the ages? What attracts strong and brave men and lovely beautiful ladies – it's made of gold! He was worshiped, feared him, he was loved and loathed. Huge number of myths, legends and stories devoted to the gold. In the times of ancient culture, the rulers of states and prominent political figures were decorated with gold palaces whole. According to legend, the city of Troy was a huge statue Apollo, god of the sun, made entirely of zolota. King Midas of weakness for this beautiful metal has paid with their lives and destinies of people close to him. A myth about ancient Greece Golden Fleece showed that wealth does not brings happiness.

When Christopher Columbus discovered a new continent, he was insanely happy to find local people, innocently playing with a shiny yellow stone. As later became known, the entire continent was "littered" with gold. The consequence was the gold fever that gripped America in the nineteenth century. People began to arrive from all corners of the globe in search of "the great metal." In the entire history of mankind there are many examples of brave hunters gold and filled with specially for this expedition. People did everything in order, that would get the precious metal.

Individual words deserve Alchemy. This science has inspired hope in people, eager to get the gold from other metals. One of the hobbies of the great Leonardo da Vinci was it alchemy. There are many legends about the development of the famous wizard. They said he had struggled to create an elixir of eternal youth and getting gold from silver. But, alas, to this day, nor any official documents attesting to this fact, did not survive. Hollywood does not just show us movies about the adventures of the brave treasure hunters whose aim was to it, the only and unique, Gold! Grand, in its scope and budget, "Pirates of the Caribbean" has shown not only the monetary value of precious metal, but also his uncanny connection with the destinies of people. According to the movie, the golden coins had been imposed curse, giving the man got hold of a treasure, not only eternal life but endless pain. Though it's just a movie, truth is still there. Numerous stories of prospectors are surrounded by myths and rumors. A huge number of adventure lovers from around the world are missing. And the lucky ones who were more fortunate, told about mysterious monsters and unknown forces, guarding the treasures. From ancient times gold jewelry is a luxury item. They draw their magical glitter and glamor. Gold has excellent ductility and malleability, making it easy to melt and make from it ornaments. So, gold has long times surrounded by many mysteries. That is what attracts adventurers – hunters. But today, such romantics, unfortunately, there are not many. Archaeologists, divers and tourists still continue to find Lost jewelry. In the twenty-first century, during the development of trade relations and foreign economic relations, the charm of finding the Lost Property has lost its relevance. Modern man no problem can go to any jewelry store and easily purchase of interest to its precious product.