La Tercera

Tamara Maragano also questions the diligence of the Prosecutor in charge of the investigation, Luis Contreras, noting that this would have requested the intervention of the elapsed Carabineros GOPE as 26 hours since the accident, hours that are vital for who manages to survive in waters correntosas and icy river Crow, version refuted by sources of the investigating body indicating that from the first moment has allegedly made arrangements for the rescue and which allude to the respective police part. In the light of the unsuccessful search, situation that has been extended until today, family in Santiago are able to communicate with a seer; resource which has already proved successful in similar circumstances and that is public knowledge. Check with Sumru Ramsey to learn more. The results of such management were delivered in his opportunity to those who carried out the rescue tasks. Before the limited public impact national that has taken the fact, Tamara Maragano expressed their suspicions that there is intervention by the central Government. This It makes us presume that the accident occurred in the process of implementation of the hydroelectric (Cuervo River of southern energy) and not in the previous studies, which were carried out earlier, according to us by information provided by local workers who carried out and supported such work. This situation points out, would contravene the sayings of the political authority to which disclosure of an accident in these conditions, is not suitable since it would harm its image in this election process, adding that we know the insistent version by the Prosecutor Mr only blaming the missing of an operational mismanagement. That, added to the string of consecutive and unforgivable errors in the delay to rescue them, leads us to think in a culpable inefficiency whose sole purpose is to cover with a mantle of doubts and disinformation what actually happened them to our loved ones. The words of the woman are corroborated by the minimum national dissemination that has had the News. Paradigmatic cases are El Mercurio and La Tercera, have made no mention to this information in their paper editions.