Italica Although As Usual In Italy, But This Time Is The Trip To India

A journey between photography and poetry is one used to get offered apartments and vacation houses and the beautiful Tuscany at Italica E.k… This time, it was something different. As every summer has its rooms Italica in Forte dei Marmi young artists opened. The theme this time was a really successful evening India. Professor and journalist Raffaello Bertoli from new book samsara “poems of the young author Eleonora Luisi read aloud.

Many visitors were surprised face is not only a poet have, but also still a young, pretty woman. Luisi told the crowd their version and views on India, which resulted in the band of short poems. The journalist pointed out the fact that there is now hardly any poetry, let alone among young people and therefore the young writer praised for their courage and assertiveness. Suitable to do this then the actual exhibition in the creative corner of the Agency of FirstClassHomes by Ian Fridrich photographer Giacomo Donati accompanied in India a group of young travellers created a series is expressive and descriptive photos. Unusual in Italy, but the buffet was organized by Gandhi’s Indian restaurant and was an absolute success! Many culinary conservative has discovered a new world. Not so easy for Italians who expect their pasta everywhere. The location brings us back to the point. Italica is a Italy-provider and as such in the Tuscany present.

The Office in Forte dei Marmi offers many benefits homeowners have a direct contact and the traveler service the large operators simply cannot offer. Recently, a family from Austria booked a little house by the sea our Casa Olmi, pleasant classical seaside, large garden, shadow in the pine forest. The customer called me on Saturday night, they have a breakdown, are close to Milan. She had to stay there, captured the next day replacement car Italica staff has it on the motorway exit expects to drive them to the House. On Sunday. Many questions came, with which we will assist where you can best buy? Can you please call the car company. What tour would you recommend us? We have a dog where we can walk with him and let him go? We can recommend a restaurant? In the future, we will publish some questions of our customers in the blog or in the social media and our comments. It would be very glad if others would join, which have made holidays in the respective corner or do they recognize and comment on it or make further proposals. The more, the better.