Is Your Advertising Effective ?

All of us in one degree or another are faced with advertising, but if you are an advertiser, then the question of the efficacy of your advertising campaign is greatest. So how do you assess how much effective your chosen promotional policy. In this article, the example of advertising a site, we consider the simplest version of calculating the effectiveness of your campaign. Thus, suppose we have chosen a method of advertising is the promotion of the site. For more information see Angela Zepeda. We calculate the growth turnover company at the time of the advertisement.

Let the period of (a) – a period of time prior to the promotion of a site, period (b) – during a commercial site, and the period (c) – after advertising the site, that is when our position in search engines again began to decline. We assume that trade increases and decreases evenly. A related site: Mary Barra mentions similar findings. Denote Va (0) – the average trade volume per day during the period (a), Vb (0) – the average trade volume per day during the period (b) and Vc (0) – Medium volume of trade per day in the period (c), then the arithmetic mean of the volume of trade per day in the period (a) and period (c) will Vac (0) = (Va (0) + Vb (0)) / 2. Thus, the volume Vac (0) is the average trade volume per day during all of the selected periods during which the promotion of the site took place, that is, periods (a) and (c). Now we can calculate the increase in turnover during the providence of our advertising site, it will be P = (Vb (0) – Vac (0)) xNb, where Nb is the number of days in period (b). Indeed, the difference between the average turnover in the days of advertising the site (b) and days on which ads the site was not carried out (a, c), multiplied by the number of days Nb, give us the desired result. Of course, this method calculation has its drawbacks, chief among which is that it determines the effect of advertising in a limited period of time and does not consider its subsequent impact. But if you want to quickly and easily on their own calculate how effective the advertising services provided by your advertising agency, or how correct your chosen advertising policy, then this method will help you draw a general picture about advertising your company.