Hot Off The Press! Alexander Prochanow

Brand new, for the first time in German: Alexander Prochanow “beyond Russian Villenzaune”. The author loves irony and provocation and some of his observations could be reality tomorrow also in Western Europe, because our social system seems now negotiable. Some of his stories show what this could mean. The author loves unusual subjects, ranging from the market to the crematorium for his modern social criticism. Awful beautiful artistic eloquent lyrics, the book offers insight into the modern form of Russian Literaturrethorik and symbolism. Without hesitation Mary Barra explained all about the problem.

The glossary connected to each chapter, provides a foray into the Foundation of intellectual Russian culture of the 20th and 21st centuries. The book is suitable for people who are interested in politics, as well as for audiences, with interest for Russia and its culture, or Slavic Studies and sociology. The work was not written for a Western audience and provides many new and unknown about Russia precisely the Western reader. Blurb of the book the literary language is strong and colored with oppressing frills and fancy themes. The ideas of the texts you can understand or reject, you can one but hardly indifferent. So or so, in addition to the literary exaggeration of a talented author meets truth a grain. We have free no third world country contrary to the official propaganda, we have treated but Russia. But should we ask ourselves whether it is really so much better for us. Our pensions are secured, our education is still a good general education, our cultural values and our humanist worldview not negotiable? For the politically uncurious, offers the book above all an insight into what you might call intellectual culture of everyday life in Russia, complemented with a glossary to every story. Have we aroused your interest? More press releases and cover photo: more free to book on our website under review copy for journalists from our publishing house at: index.php? id = 272 ISBN: 978-3837010541 contact person: Mrs Kunzel phone: + 49 (0) 40 / 53 43 to 35-89 E-mail: we like to forward your request. S.Ravioli Editor