First Teacher

Even the most "serious" Losers in a few years after graduating from high school a sense of sadness and a desire to return to my childhood. That's just an inner voice tells (which, incidentally, he did not do in the classroom) that "the years of wonderful, "passed. Intuition, of course, in this case, the law, but go back to school is always possible. The first teacher is remembered forever as the embodiment of our new life. Childhood has not gone anywhere, but the new responsibilities given clear understand that in the coming years will be interesting and a little difficult.

The first teacher also talks about what is right and wrong, and knows a lot of games as a kindergarten teacher. But she also holds the key to the magic a world of knowledge about the letters and numbers, laws of nature and the mysteries of communication. And this is also a magic key, because it daritsya each student, and for this gift can not repay – no matter how many years have passed since the Feast of the primer. No more fast the path to mastery of knowledge, than a sincere love for the wise teacher (Xunzi). Gifts that you can teach after graduation, a lot. And their selection will depend on many factors. On the one hand, one should always take into account a person's character and interests, on the other – the financial aspect (is up to you to be present or, for example, from the entire class).