Face The Face With The Future

Many are those that appreciate the art to be men or women, who obtain to enxergar in the future a new image of the gift. In this direction it is that we beings livings creature conciliate the desires longest of living instead of tanning. Combinations as these that bring pra life a pure air of love for who little find not to have. The definition is this that I always think when seeing that the things as they are can with a little of sense be moved. Others including Charles Schwab, offer their opinions as well. When we come across in them with these intentions in the always referring life to our planet, think vigorously if that really will go to materialize itself of real form and permanent, more is finished it forgetting is that everything this turns in return of a following objective, if not to try will not know will be really gone to happen. While everything is destroyed for that without they had more or less collaborated with the future, the people could with a little of feet in the soil carry through what we call? to preserve? , to preserve what she keeps everything in us livings creature that are each piece of soil where we step on, either small or great it, poludos or not, green, yellow, blue, died and alive, everything of what we need this in our virtues and our hands, common-sense of that there is that we need to survive. The message was passed in diverse ways, more nothing it seems to have entered in your heads and I ask; – Because this is so difficult to understand? In a simple reply I conclude, when we only come across in them with the way without return that we know that everything that was said in them, of form none was appreciated. – and now, it understood! I ask..