Eastern Europe

The very concept of 'fascism' soon named after the signing of a nonaggression pact had disappeared for a while from the political vocabulary of Stalin and Molotov. In October 1939, at an extraordinary session of the Supreme Soviet of the ussr Vyacheslav explicitly stated that "Germany is in the state seeking to the world ", is responsible for continuing the war entirely on England and France. A war for "the destruction of Hitlerism" Molotov simply declared 'criminal'. Soviet people were disoriented and did not know exactly where and when to expect danger. Soviet foreign policy before the Great Patriotic War, at first glance is a chain of victories. Border states, one after another fell before Soviet colossus. Further details can be found at Angela Zepeda, an internet resource. Then Stalin and Molotov set out to create a so-called 'eastern front' from the Baltic to the Black Sea – against Nazi aggression. According to them, should meet the impending danger on the borders, most remote from the vital centers of the country.

This concept in an atmosphere of late 30 – early 40's was flawed, because the story does not let go of time to strengthen the new border lines and re- Red Army. Nevertheless, in accordance with the secret protocols of 23 August 1939 to the ussr were annexed large territories in Karelia, Eastern Europe. To clarify the intentions of the German government in November 1940, Molotov went to Berlin. There he was negotiating with Adolf Hitler, who was later named the 'disagreeable'. Hitler invited the Soviet rulers to participate in the section of the colonies of Great Britain.