The consumer can intuitively or on the basis of the documentation to doubt that the company will work in full (and often correct), but he can not refuse, because received a protocol auction committee: "We order you to work here and get such a service." Customers, meanwhile said: "I do not want this, I want better service, and I have some money on this product, the service '. It is worth noting that in the auction bids are no requirements to verify the artist, his work experience, financial, manufacturing, human resources base. All of this diluted, remains the main feature – the price. And the consumer again a contradiction: "I am a consumer, but I chose the company, and the auction commission has imposed it to me, and then why it is I have to prove that it is a good singer? Let him prove his work. " In addition, the customer must meet the conditions of the contest or to prove that the service is provided to poor quality, that it is very difficult, sometimes impossible, but precious time was running out.

Entrepreneurs at different levels in favor of increased control over conducting competitions, a detailed analysis of participating companies. With one single criterion 'price' to make a product with the required quality is almost impossible. If the company respects its employees, it can not automatically agree to a large price drop, it will have to pay any taxes is not, or detain staff salaries, or use materials of very low quality. And as you can get the job done, if they themselves materials are more expensive than the amount for which the company wins a lot? Such statements can be made only by unscrupulous suppliers. Public procurement system, as is known, covers the entire state. The law must improve, say the traders, but the blow must be techechny, not piecemeal. The question remains open … Many hope that very soon on this conflict in the 94-FZ, finally, pay attention, and the authorities turn, First of all, to yourself person.