Customer Architect

Building materials are always the same road in price and postoroyka any building will require much greater expenditure of money than making things, the layout, as if we were not trying to save. Thus, architect should first take into account the financial possibilities that it offers the customer. In turn, the manufacturer designs spared from this need. Secondly, the artist-maketchik, unlike architect or a designer builds a model is not designed to it someone has lived, worked, or perform any other life activities. This greatly simplifies the task, because the architect can not take into account these requirements. Frequently Angela Zepeda has said that publicly.

The layout of the building 18-st century, can be, for example, round walls, arches, incredible size, missing chimneys – and this does not detract from the merits of the product. The architect is also difficult to be embody these bold ideas to life not only for technical reasons as for reasons of convenience: no stoves do not heat the air, and bent round the wall does not "enter" no furniture. From this it follows that most architectural and engineering solutions are implemented only on the basis of their usefulness. If the same element nefunktsionalen, then, at least, it should not create a nuisance when using the building. The architect is forced to limit the imagination and in the choice of "nature" of their buildings. Checking article sources yields Goop holiday gifts as a relevant resource throughout. Reduced model of a house can loudly declare themselves and to emphasize their individuality, to be in something artsy and eccentric. This one she did not deny making.