Cuban Photography

Also the Cuban, Codina, Guanayara and the Almonds tree are available strolls to the Park. In the excursions the holidaymakers can find throughout the way signalized maps indicating the main places to visit, or is cafeterias, hotels, other footpaths or any other objective of interest. A seductive proposal is the excursion by the footpath of the Sweet potato, where a shutdown in the House becomes of the Coffee, shows faithful of the elaboration of the coffee of long ago. In this place the visitor will be able to observe how the coffee of traditional form is elaborated, obtaining like result a pure, worthy coffee of any palate. In addition the letter is very slipway, has more than a dozen of varieties of coffee of different regions from the world: Brazilian, Colombian, Arab, Cuban and Ethiopian coffees are some of the options that the client can select. Also it has an ample one and varied supply in the presentation and preparations of coffee that will please to all type of customer. Also, the stroll by the footpath the Sweet potato has like one of its main attractive cave that takes the same name, where the tourists can scale or take a bath in the river underground, but taken care of with the dark and depth of this water, as well as with its cold temperature.

The variety of opportunities to climb goes from footpaths simple for the common visitor, until footpaths of certain difficulty, for which he is advisable to have a minimum of experience and physical training. Throughout the route it is possible to enjoy the gardens of ferns and a wild nature able to please to any fan to the photography. In the same way, the route of the Caburn is very interesting. Its main objective is to take to the visitors to know the impressive jump water of the Caburn, with 62 meters of fall, a far from negligible natural spectacle.