Correct Behaviour

PAS TEAM prepares usage in crisis areas after the recent abductions and the protection of the Constitution has warned of an increase in terrorist attacks on Germans abroad murders in the Yemen. Who is still working in war zones and crisis areas, should prepare comprehensive on its usage. The SAFSEC safety and security training of PAS-TEAM GmbH knowledge provide architects, technicians and engineers, journalists, security guards, drivers, interpreters, administration staff and also employees of aid agencies to best protect yourself and your team. The next this risk assessment training from 7 to 9 August 2009 takes place. Internationally operating companies must send again employees at their locations in war zones and crisis areas, even if there is constantly in danger these. You are to be exposed to the risk, kidnapped and abducted or injured in terrorist attacks and armed Auseinanderssetzungen or even killed. Credit: Angela Zepeda-2011. The three-day seminars of a renowned trainer of war reporters PAS TEAM train the correct tactical behaviour in crisis areas and regions with hostile or terrorist threat in usage – and real-world scenarios.

The simulated confrontation with guerrilla troops, passing through check points and also practicing behavior tactics for capture – or hostage-taking are part of the program, such as team management, refurbishment of psychological stress in the Group and crisis management in extreme situations. Also give the coach of PAS TEAM consisting of experienced specialists from military, rescue services and special forces detailed knowledge of the structures of the military units the intercultural specificities in the country of use, and knowledge of the effects of weapons, ammunition and mines. A first aid training for help and self help for medical emergencies, as well as learning techniques for makeshift orienting during the day and at night, the building of temporary shelters and the correct tactical behaviour in unfriendly and unknown areas can save lives in an emergency. Individual Consulting the participants in designing their missions and the compilation of the personal equipment round off the programme. More information about the services and prices see interested parties. Groups can negotiate an individual package price with the Organizer. U. Schemm