Constructive Solutions

Attic for installation of need for a couple of cubes of more boards and insulation than ordinary attic. Insulated attic – quite suitable for habitation in the winter with a reasonable heating. Warming loft (loft insulation) Construction attic to a greater extent than the lower floors are exposed to heat loss by reason of the lack of roof attic "thermal pad", as well as on the roof of the attic has a large surface contact with the outside world. Therefore, for the comfort and heat economy requires effective and thorough insulation of the attic. So maybe the attic insulation foam or styrofoam, as well as slabs of mineral wool on the basis of basalt fibers. At higher Attic insulation to insulant impose more stringent requirements, as well as to thermal compaction and its execution. This seal prevents warm air to penetrate through the sealing layer.

Attic Insulation must effectively retain heat at the same time should not "steal" extra inches of space. When the attic insulation is important to remember that the heat loss occurs not only through the coating, but also through the end wall. Therefore, gable houses also need to insulate well in line with modern requirements. Heat loss from the roof of the attic are large enough, so competently executed warming could have a mansard roof appreciable effect. Quality roofing permit with the state of thermal insulation can reduce heat loss by more than 3 kW and thereby significantly reduce the cost of heating homes. Constructive Solutions For erection of new dwelling house attic creating comfortable is easy.