Charles Bridge

Here is a curious legend about one of them that managed to turn metals into gold. It is in this alley where you can visit the House where Franz Kafka lived. Just before the Castle, you will find the Church of Loreto, which also is worth a look. From here, a walk to the neighborhood Jew, where you can visit the old Jewish cemetery, famous unfortunately thanks to the nazi Holocaust, as well as several of their synagogues. Near here inform by the powder tower and the Charles Bridge, where you will find dozens of artists offering a wide range of paintings and photographs of the city. Take a look, which is worth. In terms of what you can do, do not forget to go through Wenceslas if you want to go shopping or drinks at night.

Walk by the Vltava River on a cruise ship, it is another way of seeing the city and don’t forget to go to the famous Black Theatre Prague, where you can enjoy a play entirely different than usual. Remember that close to Prague, and already out of its Centre, there are a lot of small towns and castles to visit, but that will save it for another article. Now you the hardest thing, which is to find a cheap hotel in Prague and this is not easy. The more you alejeis Center, cheaper are the hotels, and you can be worthwhile to leave you a little since communications with the center of the city are quite good, well in metro, bus or tram. The metro just 00: 00, but we still I the option of night buses to enjoy Prague’s night. After reading all this, you will have been willing to know more about this lovely city, so here you have a page where able to see much more about this.