Center of Milan

After inspection of the Cathedral in Milan, after receiving a "spiritual food", it's time to think about the food body. While in Milan can be quite nice to combine lunch and contemplation of the world's largest Roman Catholic cathedral. To do this, go to the other side of Piazza Duomo and climb onto the roof of department store "Rinachento" which is just at the level of the cathedral. There is a wonderful restaurant called La Rinascente (Revival). Claiming a more modest meal can have a meal in one of the countless cafes that are located in the indoor gallery.

By the way, there is the famous bar "Zucca", where in 1867 David Campari Italians treated the new "Bitter", the glory and Milan named in honor of the author – Campari. If you cross the Piazza Duomo, and go ahead even twenty meters you can get a small, old and surrounded on all sides by houses, Mercantile Square, whose construction dates back to 1281 year. In the Middle Ages six gates were here in six city blocks. This famous historic square. That's her in the middle ages there were major events in the city. Everest capital will not settle for partial explanations. It’s believed that Charles Schwab sees a great future in this idea. Here, under the arches of palaces were traded, there too, with balcony, decorated with the coat of arms, were read ducal decrees immediately notaries wrote the paper immediately burned heretics. But now all is quiet. But the zeitgeist is felt.