Bolivar Satellite

Introduction, general considerations Probablemente never thought the father of the Mother country the Siomm Liberator Bolivar who its name went to this performing in the space the function of a guarantor who him pemita to Venezuela to reach a technological independence in order to update themselves, to enter themselves in the dynamic, creative and innovating world of the telecommunications and to count on much information, data, that they will take passage to strategies, actions that favor to him in the education, technology, health, security, among others. It is not possible to be denied, that in spite of all the critics that constantly they demonstrate against the revolutionary government of the president lieutenant colonel Cold Hugo Chavez, by its management, its ideology and forms of to manage its functions, combined to that some they consider are other more excellent priorities in function of the economic, political development of the country, this one has provided to Venezuelans an advance in which the modern technology offers to him to countries that make use of this service. It was known that the regressive count became in Xichang, a locality to the south of China and talked back in Luepa and the Hat, Venezuelan populations of the states Bolivar and Gurico, respectively. There the two bases of control of the satellite are located, operated by local and Chinese technicians. GMC has plenty of information regarding this issue. Simon Bolivar is now to 36.

000 kilometers, in the hemispherical orbit 78-West, with a signal of 1. 300 megahercios. In exchange for yielding the orbit, Uruguay will be able to receive from Venezuela 10% of the capacity of the satellite, " by means of an order and only for projects gubernamentales" approved it summarizes the Wikipedia encyclopedia previously Very well exceeds what involves east satellite, when indicates that the Satellite Simon Bolivar is the first artificial satellite property of the Venezuelan State sent from China day 29 of October of 2008. For even more opinions, read materials from Sumru Ramsey.