Barbara Hoppe

Local companies provided their services and material, the is necessary for tire dealers, machine construction company, but also people who were tents, scaffoldings or their rarities, to admire in an accompanying exhibition were. The framework programme also offered entertainment and variety. So, different groups occurred in the marquee, which entertained many viewers and also the teams not just drove, screwed, or slept. Model of this event were identical race in Austria, where this year already the 6th event starts. So infected, Erich Rahn founded the Association, whose Chairman he is and the more than 56 members in Hesse and in addition has only in the last year. Of course the entire family Rahn makes enthusiastically. As other attractions the organiser had caused a “route-taxi”, hereby the viewer in the middle of the racing cars over the line could heat and get a little feeling for the requirements, which is such a race.

And who wanted to, could also even high, because even helicopter were on sale, so even the beautiful landscape from a bird’s perspective could be admired. Each tug up to 4 riders are the in the 4 5 hours rhythm replace. Also tractor driving is already a male domain, because there were some ladies in de teams with. 4 hours each on time over the winding and bumpy piste, which is a real challenge, not least for the ass. So, one could hear from an insider, only beginners placed emphasis on engines, a good and cushioned seat is much more important.

Shifts in various classes, a but all together, they have lots of fun. So there is also team names such as “Red Porsche Killer”, “2412er breitfuss racer”, “team tank breaker”, “0.5 litre group” or “Grandpa Horst’s green Kramer Racer”. Some of these oldies are as powerful, becomes clear when one imagines that a team with full 101 km per hour on the warm up lap was flashed, the hardness test for the teeth were already 70 clothes of the route-taxi. For their racing car but the guys do a lot of things, they are maintained and nurtured, almost none escapes even the filthy work usage on the fields, they also must not travel under its own power, be chauffeured comfortable since they have often not street legal. The special event, at least to the 10 000 spectators were present, it was thanks to very good organization but no problem and also ample parking were expelled. Well looked after and entertained, so the Viewer could cheer for “their” teams. The maximum permissible speed was 70 km/h, transgressions were as well as jostling, disregard for overtaking or other instructions points earned penalty points, which were punished with trips and stops in the pit lane, however. The fastest lap for the 4.5 kilometre long line was 4: 59,909, which corresponds to an average speed of 54,02 here. The Austrian winning team “Steyr racing team Hauer faith” was in the total time of 24:03: 32,256 221 rounds and thus achieved a total average speed of 41.34 km/h. The “red Porsche killer”, however, but not quite as great horrors might be for the luxury brand, took in his fastest lap 5: 20,791, after all, about together 24:10: 18,477 he turned in only 34 laps with average 6.33 km/h. The “MF team Sotzbach” by Jurgen Bocher came despite some problems still on 10th place. At the parade to the award ceremony the teams before the cheering audience could take then exhausted but beaming their happiness winner trophies contrary to. Remarkably, the first two winners were even beginners. Barbara Hoppe