Banking Right

In this regard, some interesting decisions are the so-called supreme interpreter of the Constitucion.En the application filed by Mrs. Carpio Melchora Baltasara Cacya on habeas data against Administrator Arequipa SA Trade Branch (formerly Commerce Bank) and others, called for: a) the updating of risk contained in credit records of the first notice of a debt of S /. 4212.00 for the personal loan, b) the rectification of the risk information, describing the loss as a normal client client, wrongly reported to the Central Credit Risk in the Banking, Insurance and Pension Fund. The Court rightly upheld the complaint. The existence of the right to informational self-determination beyond the incongruous fusion of two rights is a requirement of the information age, and not independent, since it is instrumental in a number of rights, since not only can protect the right to intimacy, but the rapid development of the right to information or personal information that is collected and processed in databases, with and without our approval. With regard to personality rights, but there is complete autonomy to make development more effective substantial rights. A relative is interesting to review the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, also signed by Germany and Italy, and which recognizes the right to have protection from PERSONAL DATA, which is reflected the dualistic theory, not theory monistic, as some authors seem to suggest, when they show their preference for the General Law of Personality. Even in Germany, Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany of May 23, 1949, still in force in unified Germany, with amendments, is ascribed to the pluralist thesis, regulating a number of rights of personality, and no explicit prohibition of creation of new rights, as a result of economic and social development.