Almunecar Beautiful

Should have Torremolinos or Malaga accommodation in the tourist centre, we advise to perform a day trip to this place. It is worth! 9 Almunecar / Salobrena both cities offer a beautiful wide sandy beach. As a result of some small Cliffs can take just the kids a jump into the cool water. Combipix travel photography of travel pictures photo agency travel reports E-cards the place is little known among tourists, but it is a great pity. Its beautiful long sandy beach offers wonderful bathing. Since hardly any hotels in this place, you will almost never meet on mass tourism and guaranteed to get a berth on the waterfront. 11 You can find these la BEC, if you drive towards Almeria from Calahonda. From the road, this beach is not to see.

You should have much more for a larger parking lot on the right side look for. The beach has turquoise water for you and guaranteed is not overrun. 11 a. Castell de Ferro the place is not a typical tourist destination. Relatively very small hotels are located directly on the beautiful curved beach.

A small swell and partly very shallow beach entrances into the cool water. The town operates Although not a major tourism infrastructure ready, but it is a wonderful Relaxort with a beautiful fine sand beach. 12 Almeria the destination of this tour description is Almeria. The University City is served directly from low cost carriers, so that you can spend a cheap weekend on the Costa de Almeria under certain circumstances. The beach is wide and scarcely crowded. Something disturb the Gypsies who have settled in this area.