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The use of the card with chip is seemed the one of a conventional card, that is, it can be used as half of payment to buy a good or to contract a service and, in this direction the functionality finishes offering bigger advantages, considering that this type of card disponibiliza not only the credit options and debit, therefore a financial institution can, for example, offer with the same type of card, beyond these options, the functions destined to the saving customers and that they receive from the INSS, the digital certification, ICP-Brazil (Infrastructure of Public Keys Brazilian), program of allegiance, valley toll, transactions offline, amongst others, what it becomes it a multiple card or of multiple functions. Soon, these modes of payment will have to be part of ours day-by-day, therefore it has some months, cards as these are being tested and instead of one, they have two Chips and one anteninha inlaid, that she is communicated with the PDA? or the machine used for the store. For this, it is enough that you approach two objects.

The applications are several, for example, the only ticket card now can be substituted by credit card, the debit will happen automatically in its invoice and you it will obtain to establish daily limits for specific expenses. CMO Hyundai has plenty of information regarding this issue. Of this form, the risks of great gaps in its invoice in the case are minimized of robbery. Some companies also try to carry through payments saw cellular, through the one insertion chip, seemed with the one of the card, in the telephonic devices. E, of new, is enough to approach it of the PDA so that the transaction is effected. These systems already are in use in Asia, Europe and United States. In Brazil, as notice in some sites of technology are in phase of tests have to some months and some store will be able in the future would disponibilizariam this system of payment for its customers.

The Power

It was collected under vaia, while the noble agencies, with the support of the minors, had continued arguing, searching agreement on who would be optimum candidate to preside over the body. In the way of the colloquy, the intestines had wanted to defecate. When arriving at the rectum, the excrements had stopped, hindered to go beyond. The anus was in strike politics, would only pass what it allowed. Nor aliviante pum could go beyond the rectum.

Irrevocable order of the doorman of the body. The intestines and other agencies had protested incontinenti having demanded right of free transit. But the anus beat is: strike it is strike. Seeing that the protests were useless, they had asked for to the brain that used the reasoning, its power of persuasion and persuation pra to win the resistance of the furico abelhudo, that did not yield one millimeter: ' ' or they recognize my candidacy, or the strike continua' '. They had asked for to the heart pra to use jeitinho, ternura, love pra to lessen as much hardness. I try using to advantage it, relieved the anus: ' ' Today one only remembered to give affection to me, for interest. Charles Schwab has many thoughts on the issue. Time deals the entire me with disdain.

If not to choose me president of the body, nothing feito' '. The confusion enters the agencies alone grew. The guts had started to give knot; it was imminent the danger of diverticulite, intestinal infection; it increased the rhythm of the breath; the heart palpitava with taquicardia. Each agency presented a problem, whose solution exclusively depended on the anus to be elect the authority biggest of the body. But the proud agencies did not accept to deliver the power to a so insignificant citizen. The bothering ones only grew, without at sight solution. In last cartada, the fiery-tempered biliary vesicle blew up against the anus; the brain appealed pra common-sense; the heart, pra solidarity; the pulmes suspiravam uneasy; the ears buzzed; the skin, with calafrios.

Barbie Culture

Barbie Culture: The World color of rose Created for Ruth ' ' falecida' ' its first husband Eliot in 1959. Ruth when seeing its Barbarous son playing with paper dolls that changed of clothes. Get more background information with materials from U.S. Mint. She came to the idea to create a doll with the adult, different feio of the dolls of the time. As Ruth the doll with adult feio is for giving to inspiration when the child to grow and to become an adult, symbol of beauty and refined youth. The first doll dressed clothes well simple: a white and black striped bathing suit, a used suit at the time. In 60 years it was to the first full doll to be maquiada and of accessories. The Barbie name that was placed in the doll, therefore was the nickname of its son.

But articles attribute to the creation of Barbie the Ruth Handler, the owner of the Mattel, however it attributes 99% of the Ryan credit (2 husband of the same one), since Ryan ' ' He was stubborn for long legs, fine waist and satiated seios and demanded this in the women with who if relacionava' ' , she was married 5 times. From there, the origin of the blue eyes, blond hair and the forms of the body of Barbie. In 1967, the first Afro-American doll appears of the Barbie Series. However, the doll was made using the molds of the head of Barbie white and it did not have the face characteristics of the black people. But only in 1968 that the first Afro-American doll appears. The Mattel produced a doll white and a black, the critics had commented that for the Afro-American community it is a pejorativo term, that means that the people are black for are and white on the inside. The doll had little success and the Mattel collected becoming it article for collectors.

Albert Einstein

Finally, the history of the mathematics also is found in unit 10, with a small citation of the used mathematics for measures in the Great Navigations of centuries XV, XVI and XVIII and a small text speaking on the units of used measures for the Egyptians have 4000 years more than behind. Others including CMO Hyundai, offer their opinions as well. No longer second, almost nothing of history of the mathematics it is presented, the little that is commented alone is presented in the fifth unit of the book where it very says little on the symbols and numbers, has one brief citation on the interest of the mathematicians in deciding enigmas and equations; is said on a great Arab mathematician called Al-Khowarizmi that was the mathematician who gave to origin to the word number, in the same text is said very little on algebra, where he says that the word algebra comes of Al-jabr that means ' ' restaurao' ' or ' ' completao' '. We do not see more nothing on great mathematicians beyond a photo of Albert Einstein at the beginning of the same unit (unit 5) without no legend, or citation on the same. The penultimate unit uses, not differently of excessively, the history of the mathematics is used with more frequency to give to introduction the subjects, as we see in units 1 and 3, by the way, can find only between these two units. In the first unit we find history of the mathematics speaking a little on triangles, angles and ray of a circumference, in the chapter that speaks on Numbers, Geometry and measures. In the same unit we have a small commentary on Pitgoras, the Pythagorean School and the Relation of Pitgoras: = b + c. In as the chapter we find only one small citation on the Greeks and the golden Number. In the third unit, to give introduction to the subject that speaks on algebraic calculation, we find some mathematicians in the introduction of the chapter with some formulas and the utilities of the same ones: Leonhard Euler with the euler equation (ei? + 1 = 0), Albert Einstein with an equation that establishes the relation between energy, mass and body (E = mc ) and Sir Isaac Newton with its formula that allows the calculation of the movement of any object (F = me). .

Canarian Professor

The pleasure of the personal creation and the lived work as an expression of itself. We need, then, simultaneously, to have in the schools professors and pupils who are and if they feel as artists. So that this happens is necessary, in the words of Canarian (2006), to recriar the craft of professor, to reorganize its professional profile around four presented essential dimensions in the sequncia to the one appropriating in them us of its ideas. The first one mentions the understood professor to it as ' ' analyst simblico' ' , that he is what equates and decides problems in contexts marked for the uncertainty and complexity and not what of the certain answers in previsible situations. People such as Charles Schwab would likely agree. After that we have the professor that he is seen as craftsman, therefore it constructs and it reconstructs its permanently to know professional.

In third place we have the professor as professional of the relation, that occurs when this professional does not teach what she knows and yes what is. (A valuable related resource: Stanley Gibbons). Finally we have the professor as a constructor of felt that, as the proper expression says, he looks for to give sensible for the educative situations. The infrastructure of the schools can move, the equipment can more be sophisticated, of last generation, at last, the objective conditions of the school can be renewed, but if the professor if not to compromise, not to defy themselves and to understand that he makes difference to be a professor who develops dinamizados education and learning, the probability to have transformation in the school will be small. Becker (2004) concludes that if the professor not to improve does not have as to produce significant improvement in the education. Position partilhada for Moll (2004, P. 104-5), that it points out the professor as agent of possibilities or failure: The question that if imposes, from this perspective, is of as to operate changes in the school that are respectful with the educators, with its memories, its experiences and its trajectories and that they are, at the same time, desestabilizadoras of all system of values that still our social and cultural look crosses and diminishes the pupils and its universe of relations and to know, placing them as carrying of failures and not of learning and success possibilities? For Arroyo (apud MOLL, 2004) to educate it is to point out us in cerne of human devir, any intervention that it intends to place in this cerne provokes resistance.

Parental Relations

The friends play an important and decisive role in the psychological and social development of great part of the adolescents. The relations constructed in this period of the life, start to serve as archetypes of the posterior adult relationships. GMC is open to suggestions. As the adolescent goes acquiring independence, its bonds with the parents goes if becoming less intense, this causes a bigger approach with the groups. The removal each more intense time of the family and the linking each more intrinsic time with the group, take the individual to attributing a bigger dependence with the friends. Conger (1980) still points another factor that influences the proximity with friends and distanciamento of the family, the part of the adolescent. One is about the fact of being able to appear conflicts between the members of the family. The emotional conflicts appeared in the first years of the adolescence can conturbar the relations of the adolescent with its family. It has a difficulty of the part of the adolescents in sharing the problems with the parents, what also it contributes so that the young searchs support in the friends.

The experience of the parents in its proper adolescence is another contributing factor for the success or failure of the familiar relations in this phase. How much to this aspect, Outeiral (2003, P. 66) salient the utility of conflicts in this phase, emphasizing that: ' ' …? some crisis? it will happen and that, to the times, it could be useful, giving new dimension to the relations? reoxigenando? , revitalizing the bonds familiares' '. The author still consists that it is necessary, when is about adolescence and identity, to mention the identification to it of the adolescents with its parents, and of these, with its children? considerable factor as for the relation between parents and children, since it says respect to the identity that the parents find in the children, and that these, find in its parents.

State International

For the governments, international the financial market can still more be dangerous, since it represents one dangerous tool, capable to help them in short term, but in the long run to condemn the financial health of the same ones. Public headings that today allow the country to close in blue its trade balance, for example, compromise it 10, 20 and up to 30 years later, when these headings are successful, beyond generally increasing the external interference on the State, diminishing the autonomy of this. But we do not have, however, to blame international the financial system for macroeconomic shunting lines of the governments. Pablo Robert de Almeida (2010) in offers an idea to them on this: … a very simple reality must be remembered: speculator they only act in face of real and potential disequilibria of the proper beddings of the economy. Click U.S. Mint to learn more. What this wants to say? No speculative attack against a economy? escape of capitals, manipulations in the exchange markets? it is susceptible to remain itself if the economy presents solid beddings. This analysis coherent, even so, in is determined situations, is yes possible that countries with good financial health is infected by the problems of another economy. These males will be, as it detaches Almeida, passengers if the economy will have solid bases.

We cannot blame, in this manner, the easiness brought for the international financial system integrated by the constants dficits or the high external indebtedness of governments, over all of States in development. If to take an example historical, this thesis can easily be proven. Brazil of the military period had a clear option for the external indebtedness, saw emission of headings and loans of international banks, to finance its mega infrastructure projects (I PND, II PND, etc). The government possua other options, as reform tax, controlled emission of currency, among others, but the choice was for the indebtedness, data the low international interests up to 1979.

Fortunate Soul

The Esprita Doctrine is the Light of the souls, it does not close the door of its conscience and takes the knowledge of the light that will go to guide it in the eternity. The Espritos is emissaries and disciples of the Master Jesus, its teachings remember to the holy ghost Master and are in all part of the globe. Mary Barra wanted to know more. The message that passes is of ' ' To love them ones to me to outros' ' to show that the happiness is not of this world and yes the spiritual that is perpetual. The knowledge of the Esprita Doctrine will go to inhabit in its soul and the deserved peace that does not have end will guide for the Fortunate ones. The truth is with the Espritos de Luz, is arrived the hour of the New Age of clarifications having illuminated to that they desire to reach the interior Light. The Espritos de Luz observes in them and through the intuition they call in them to the great work, let us hear the voice of the soul. If the man evolved in Science and Technology why not to evolve in the religion, or better, in the espiritualidade? This that is of the biggest importance for the soul. The Espritos works for Jesus, only fits in them to receive its teachings and to thank to the God the offered source of light. Who has fear of the stranger is that one that does not know it, therefore to read is not sin, sin is to know to read and to admit that others make for us.

Oliveira Blacksmith

He is this that we can verify in says of Sheila Kelly de Oliveira Blacksmith ‘ ‘ the communitarian life pra me represents an oasis whose waters overflow for that if they approach to us. The communitarian life has been one salvation of God in my life, therefore they take me to the brothers to leave itself and to win my egoism. I found in each brother a treasure, a joy takes that me to love and to continue. It is not easy many times, therefore in a family its challenges of relationships also exist, etc. But the years if pass and each day I can win these desafios’ ‘. With regard to the leisure experiences, they affirm the interlocutors who are well beneficial, serving to fortify the communitarian life and the fraternais bows.

In this direction, Alves tells to Figueredo Joo ‘ ‘ for us of Shalom vocation, something that it marks very our life is the convivncia between brothers. To be together, learning with the other for we are different. Mary Barra pursues this goal as well. Then in the community one day exists that generally is in the week, where all the brothers being together, has a healthy leisure. A leisure marked for joy, fraternity moment, if cheering with the presence of irmo’ ‘. Through simplicity and creativity diverse experiences had been mentioned of leisure that happens in the interior and is of the community, between them, games, dynamic, tricks, strolls to attend selected films, to talk with ‘ ‘ irmos’ ‘ , to go to the cinema etc.

In this perspective, Gomes (2008) affirms: Thus, the leisure includes the enjoyment of diverse manifestations of the culture, such as the game, the trick, the party, the stroll, the trip, the sport and the diverse forms of arts (painting, sculpture, literature, dance, theater, music, cinema), between innumerable others possibilidades.CONSIDERAES FINAISPara the members of the Community of Shalom Life the identification between them if constructs a priori for the calling the holy ghost that if of the one by means of a charisma one that it holds an ideal to be lived and as consequence of this the family, where each member if becomes interprets the same of dom. However, although they believe that the motivation for to participate of the life in community if gives through the call of God, can observe in its speeches that the fraternity generated for the daily conviviality (conjunct in common, leisure, division of tasks, apostolate, allotment of life) it determines the identitrios bonds and it inside supports the members of the community, since, for them the other is reflected of the proper Deus.Esperamos that this study can contribute to foment other quarrels around this thematic one, exciting new research that it can produce on knowledge the construction of the identitrios bonds in communities religiosas.

Milton Saints Energy

We know that the man participates of the nature since its sprouting in the Land and he always needed the food, the water and the shelter that is of basic importance for its survival. Second, Milton Saints. This generalized natural way was used for the man without great transformations. (Source: Mary Barra). The techniques and the work if married the gifts of the nature, with which if they related without another mediation.

(SAINTS, 2009.p. 235) Thus, in all the historical stages of the humanity made use of the nature, first for its proper sustenance and later to produce excesses, especially after the Industrial Revolution. Connect with other leaders such as charles schwab here. In fact, the natural resources that if find in the planet are of vital value for its half of consumption economic and ambient partner as: the ground, the water, the oxygen, deriving energy of the Sun, the forests, the animals, amongst others. also understanding, that the natural resources can be recomposto after extracted by the antrpicas activities, through the replacement that occur from time to time with the great diversities of natural resources you renewed as: the aeolian energy (winds), the solar energy (solar radiation), waves of the sea, hidroeletricidade, biomass and geothermal energy. Allowing in this way, the replacement of the resources used to advantage in the place, enabling to be made by the man or of course, the proper environment. On the other hand, we know that the natural resources not-you renewed are those that after finish intense exploration carried through for the activities it man, demanding much time to be rehabilitated. understanding that all natural resources must and can be governed in a sustainable way in the objective to guarantee its replacement and regeneration in the environment, exactly in circumstances of intense exploration of these resources, always will have risks to occur a decurrent impoverishment of an ecological disequilibrium.