Katja Vasilewa

The Association against child poverty will be on Sunday with 63 children from socially deprived backgrounds to guest in the tropical islands be the Association against child poverty “is on November 23, 2008, guest at tropical islands” in September 2008 was in Berlin the Association against child poverty “founded. “The goal of the Association is to create a broad network on the basis of which projects are existing facilities and institutions in the field of child and youth welfare” close together. “It should contribute and set to a character against child poverty are, Germany for the issue of child poverty in their own country” to raise awareness. Children who live in poverty, many opportunities remain blocked. It not only educational and meaningful leisure activities, but especially also social contacts are missing them. Here, the Association would like to provide sponsorships.

Companies and institutions who have called want to, get partner associations to give them directly to help children. The Association against child poverty “wants with its partners various publicity activities in various areas, such as art, culture, sports, and music, etc., organize and make. To support the tropical islands”has decided the Association against child poverty” in his work. “” “” Were 63 Berlin children of the SOS Children’s village “, the game room, e. V.” and e. V., a TV star “from the tropical islands” invited to experience an exuberant day on November 23, 2008, for there. The children will be in Berlin by the tropical islands “-picked up bus.” One day everything you can in the tropical islands free”discover, be served the day and driven in the evening back to Berlin. “The Association against child poverty” in addition organised under the motto loud & strong against child poverty”on the wayang stage” a 45minutiges cultural program.

Start: 15: 00. “” There are”the ambassadors of the Association against child poverty, the pop girl group of HIGH HEELZ”, SADAKO-Ensemble”with Wolfgang Baron von Hildebrandt, the patron of the Association against child poverty”, and Katja Vasilewa, a voiced newcomer from Berlin. “In the period between 14: 00 and 16: 00, all visitors of the tropical islands are” called to the nationwide action of painting-hands “to take part. On the wayang “-stage, there is the possibility of a colored hand print, symbolic of one of over 2.5 million children living in poverty in Germany, must be printed on a banner.” To the world children’s day 2009, or to the election all nationwide collected handprints in the Government to be passed. Against 16: 00 is then an exciting day in the tropical islands”end with sparkling eyes of children.

Award Country Hotel

“Insider tip Reischlhof near Passau Bayerischer Wald Eastern Bavarian Tourism Association puts on events, quality and wellness” Reischlhof family & wellness “to sell holidays in Bavaria only on a competitive price, with role model is unreasonable!”, stressed Georg Steiner of the Eastern Bavarian Tourism Association during a panel discussion in the framework of the exhibition guest + kitchen 2004 “in Passau. As opportunities in times of crisis, you can see a concept that includes the personal care of the guest, maintaining quality and an individual wellness treatments. Also a culinary networking”of Bohemia, Upper Austria and Eastern Bavaria was the guest of interest… Looking after the economic success of the region of Eastern Bavaria can be found Reischlhof family & wellness in the modern country hotel”before pointing operation. The 3-star operation at Wegscheid can boast a hotel occupancy of over 90% and invested alone in the year 2003 one million euros in extension and reconstruction.

Of all guest Awards, which annually in the way makers carried out country and vary according to the number of visits, 70% on the Reischlhof fall now. “This popularity proves that guests like to return and feel-good holiday” with a comprehensive wellness offer and creative cuisine in the southern Bavarian Forest has a good chance. A fair price-performance ratio, that warmth and clever ideas are right portion of the guest with satisfaction and Rewards loyalty.

Spirent Presents New, Portable Test Solution Spirent Avalanche/290

Spirent Avalanche/290 new test solution provides secure, high-performance networks in the company of Munich, November 2008 – Spirent Communications (LSE: SPT), a leading international supplier of performance testing and service assurance systems for the IT / telecommunications sector, has announced the global launch of Spirent Avalanche/290. The portable load testing solution enables the CIO of a company, networks before the incoming commissioning tests under. So, you can meet even the most stringent requirements in terms of safety, capacity, performance and quality-of-experience (QoE). The versatile and cost-efficient testing unit from Spirent already supports companies in creating reliable cost-risk analysis for network upgrades and that prior to the introduction of new services or the binding commitment of service level agreements (SLAs). When it comes to the deployment of networks, IT departments are increasingly under pressure. After all, employees want and Provided reliable and secure on-demand services customers can access”, explains Ahmed Murad, General Manager multimedia applications at Spirent Communications. Spirent Avalanche/290 opened companies a cheap way to reduce, in conjunction with network problems and applications both costs and risks arise. While failures, which can be caused by security vulnerabilities or performance bottlenecks, be prevented, optimal throughput and access times are ensured.” Spirent Avalanche/290 supports testing of application traffic on layer 4-7 at various points of the network infrastructure.

The solution simulates Ethernet layer up to 250,000 users and line rate Gigabit 4-7 traffic and thus provides all necessary test functions and features for large companies. With its small size and light weight of 3.2 kilograms, Spirent Avalanche/290 is ideal for testing new network applications such as, for example, satellite-based Suitable Internet access on the plane. As an independent entity, Spirent Avalanche/290 can simulate both real clients and servers. While users benefit from numerous advantages: on the one hand numerous clients the performance of real network manager can evaluate server hosting, Web applications, email, or other services. In the reverse case, simulated server against real clients can be tested.

Or the test unit emulates both clients under real-world conditions as well as server applicable in testing firewalls or security access and contentsensiblen devices simultaneously. All scenarios are possible without the use of additional equipment. Spirent Avalanche/290 is part of Spirent Avalanche family. The Spirent Avalanche series is the industry’s leading solution for the test layer 4-7 applications. The platform also has the ability to generate traffic at a rate of up to 10 GB / s. In addition to the direct testing of trunk Spirent Avalanche/290 can the impact of multiple GigE ports, ports also the 10 GB / s connected, check out. Spirent Avalanche/290 supports all major protocols, including HTTP 1.0/1.1, HTTPS, FTP, streaming media, IPv6, voice (SIP), mail (SMTP/POP3), DNS, SSL, Telnet, 802.1Q VLAN tagging, IPSec, 802. 1 x, and PPPoE, as well as a number of enterprise applications via the capture / replay function.

Professional Hospice

Wife of the Lord Mayor committed Astrid Elbers has taken over the first patron of the children’s Hospice Rainbow country. The wife of Mayor of Dirk Elbers will promote the establishment of the public. Rainbow country children’s Hospice is a home for terminally ill children and their families. “It’s me a very special pleasure and at the same time a major concern, to sit up straight for this facility. I want to ensure my commitment that people find out more about the Rainbow country, and also numerous and possibly donate much of the House.

Only so can the Rainbow country permanently exist and do more good”, says Astrid Elbers. Lord Mayor Dirk Elbers is behind the decision of his wife: “this facility does an excellent job for years and deserves therefore every possible support. Dusseldorf not only make use of this facility. Because it is the only one of this kind far and wide. Many come from across North Rhine-Westphalia and whole Germany here. I’m proud of my wife that she committed in the form for that.” To allow the terminally ill children living and dying with dignity, has joined a group of dedicated, on 1 June 1998 established in a Forderverein children Hospice Dusseldorf e.V. which is bearer of the institution ten years ago.

The Association is non-profit and pursues exclusively and directly non-profit and charitable purposes. Astrid Elbers thanked the Executive Board members of the Hochschulvereinigung, Norbert Husson and Gunther Philipps,: “that the wife of the Lord Mayor takes over the patronage is an award and a kind of accolade for our work and shows the importance of the House. We are very pleased to Astrid Elbers wants to help us. It would be nice if we could take a more donations and do even better educational work.” The children’s Hospice Rainbow country is a home for children, which only one due to an incurable disease or a severe disability restricted Life expectancy have. The conception of the House envisages that the affected children find relief from everyday heavy with her parents and siblings there for a few days or weeks. The institution helps affected families remaining time together with their child as fulfilled and positive to make them. A a children’s Hospice for the affected children is to become a second home, in which she would always like to come back to a pleasant family atmosphere to short stays. They are best provided by specially trained and qualified staff and supervised. On the other hand is a children’s Hospice of discharge of the whole family and the addition of home care. Because the domestic and care of terminally ill and/or severely children is a task, often over many years, and this day in and day out to leads a special burden, not only the parents, but also brothers and sisters. Further the valuable work of the Rainbow country focuses on the Professional family and grief counseling and a restless sibling care. “We can give the life no longer days, but the more days life” is the motto of the children Hospice in Rainbow land. Astrid Elbers, asked the Dusseldorferinnen and Dusseldorf, to financially support the Rainbow country.

First Teacher

Even the most "serious" Losers in a few years after graduating from high school a sense of sadness and a desire to return to my childhood. That's just an inner voice tells (which, incidentally, he did not do in the classroom) that "the years of wonderful, "passed. Intuition, of course, in this case, the law, but go back to school is always possible. The first teacher is remembered forever as the embodiment of our new life. Childhood has not gone anywhere, but the new responsibilities given clear understand that in the coming years will be interesting and a little difficult.

The first teacher also talks about what is right and wrong, and knows a lot of games as a kindergarten teacher. But she also holds the key to the magic a world of knowledge about the letters and numbers, laws of nature and the mysteries of communication. And this is also a magic key, because it daritsya each student, and for this gift can not repay – no matter how many years have passed since the Feast of the primer. No more fast the path to mastery of knowledge, than a sincere love for the wise teacher (Xunzi). Gifts that you can teach after graduation, a lot. And their selection will depend on many factors. On the one hand, one should always take into account a person's character and interests, on the other – the financial aspect (is up to you to be present or, for example, from the entire class).


The consumer can intuitively or on the basis of the documentation to doubt that the company will work in full (and often correct), but he can not refuse, because received a protocol auction committee: "We order you to work here and get such a service." Customers, meanwhile said: "I do not want this, I want better service, and I have some money on this product, the service '. It is worth noting that in the auction bids are no requirements to verify the artist, his work experience, financial, manufacturing, human resources base. All of this diluted, remains the main feature – the price. And the consumer again a contradiction: "I am a consumer, but I chose the company, and the auction commission has imposed it to me, and then why it is I have to prove that it is a good singer? Let him prove his work. " In addition, the customer must meet the conditions of the contest or to prove that the service is provided to poor quality, that it is very difficult, sometimes impossible, but precious time was running out.

Entrepreneurs at different levels in favor of increased control over conducting competitions, a detailed analysis of participating companies. With one single criterion 'price' to make a product with the required quality is almost impossible. If the company respects its employees, it can not automatically agree to a large price drop, it will have to pay any taxes is not, or detain staff salaries, or use materials of very low quality. And as you can get the job done, if they themselves materials are more expensive than the amount for which the company wins a lot? Such statements can be made only by unscrupulous suppliers. Public procurement system, as is known, covers the entire state. The law must improve, say the traders, but the blow must be techechny, not piecemeal. The question remains open … Many hope that very soon on this conflict in the 94-FZ, finally, pay attention, and the authorities turn, First of all, to yourself person.

Crimean War

During the Crimean Khanate Russian Tsars Fyodor Ivanovich and Boris Godunov patronized the Assumption monastery. The captives who were held in the fortress of Calais, to attend worship services and meet at the church with the Russian envoys. The monastery is revered by Christians and Muslims. Giray dynasty founder in a military campaign, asking for help from the Blessed Virgin Mary. That did not stop Khan levy a heavy tribute monastery, his financial situation became dire.

Life among the Muslim rule was difficult for Christians, living in the valley, they afflict hard labor and tribute. From a high of Greek culture and civilization, there is nothing left. In the years preceding the accession of the Crimea to Russia, life in the monastery fades. In 1783, the Assumption monastery turned into a cemetery church. Before the grave monastery of the Russian generals and Vrevskaya Weimarn killed and the battle of Black River, the cemetery of Russian soldiers who perished during the Crimean War.

During the first defense Sevastopol in the monastery housed a hospital officer. In 1818, a cave temple visited by the Emperor Alexander I. When viewed from the monastery he asked, "Where place of the appearance of the holy icon?" And when he pointed to the wall with a picture on it face of the Virgin Mary, he climbed the stairs, kissed the icon and personally stuck before her in a stone wall, a lighted candle. In 1850, the Monastery of the Assumption has been partially restored, renewed the monastic community with Uspensky cave monastery institution.

Second Home In Cyprus

Cyprus has become a second home for many Russians, the Russian language sounds very often and you can even find shops with Russian goods. ut as a related topic. On the island of Cyprus often purchase a home here and come to live or vacation lovers in this country travelers. Sunny island of Aphrodite – a favorable country for foreign residents. The island of Cyprus with a rich historical and cultural heritage, attracting, in addition, developed economy and the mild climate and warm sea. From the time of the ancient world called Cyprus 'blooming' and 'sunny'. Food in Cyprus is very tasty and healthy, is used a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Even by European standards Cyprus crime rate is extremely low. In Cyprus, there is no congestion. The right to residence permit, including offers and buying a house or apartment costs more than 300 000 euros. For owners of houses and apartments in Cyprus taxation fairly humanely. On the island excellent choice of houses and apartments to suit every taste.

It is not surprising that for the rest of life and a considerable number of foreigners buying a house in Cyprus. The Russians with the beginning of the financial crisis, won the leadership of foreign buyers of real estate, pushing at this point of perennial leaders – British. Prices in Limassol, for example, acquire property for themselves our fellow citizens, not decreased significantly during the crisis. Share transactions entered into by the Russians, was about 50%. The famous resort of Paphos with Limassol are very frequently visited places in the country among Russians.

Wedding Photography Wedding

Nearly every couple is wondering who to entrust this important event? And is it worth to hire a private photographer, in fact may be enough pictures taken by your friends, invited to the wedding? If you have doubt, give a few arguments in favor of a professional in their field. Although photographs are not a camera, a photographer, however, the availability of professional equipment in some cases simply not necessary. Catch the moment deflation pigeons, breaking glasses, or just get good pictures in a shady location will only be specialized equipment. Wedding photographer knows the key moments of triumph and always ready for them, anticipating each unique moment. He spent the entire day will be right where you want to get great wedding photos. Well, if you still trust the care of your pictures to your friend, remember that photography is a difficult task, requiring great concentration and creativity. And most likely your friend will remember you bad names (because all the celebration will be held by his party), and the picture quality will be not the best. So consider carefully whether to save money on this service?. .

Picture Teruel Point Photo

Teruel back to become a photographic Museum for the second consecutive year. The celebration of the International Festival of photography Teruel point Photo transforms the city during the summer in a scenario where occur exhibitions, courses, conferences, rallies, nocturnal projections and animation activities related to photography suitable for all audiences. A program that increases the attraction of its historic center. Teruel point Photo 2009, which will be officially inaugurated on July 30 in the afternoon, started their calendar of courses and conferences on Monday 20 th and runs until August 31. Organized by Teruel photographic society and sponsored by the Government of Aragon and the city of Teruel, the festival aims to become a point of encounter and international reference between cultures, artists and audiences with the pretext of photography. National photography awards will spend the summer in the II Festival international photography Teruel point Photo 2009 National recognized Spanish photography and internationally is the guest of honour at Teruel point Photo 2009.

To pay tribute to artists and lovers of this art, Teruel photographic society exhibit in the Provincial Museum the national awards for photography, the Alcobendas collection exhibition. Sample provides the opportunity to admire works of those who have made history in Spain with his camera close and under one roof: Bleda and Jose M Rosa, Manuel Vilarino, Pablo Perez-Minguez, Barbara Allenda – Ouka Leele-, Ramon Masats, Carlos Perez Siguier, Joan Colom, Tony Catany, Chema Madoz, Alberto Garcia-Alix, Joan Fontcuberta, Humberto Luis Rivas Ribeiro, Cristina Garcia Rodero, Javier Vallhonrat and Gabriel Cuallado. Names that have in common have contributed to the enrichment of the cultural heritage of Spain since 1994, year in which the Ministry of culture began to grant the national photography prizes. It so happens that Rosa and Bleda, national prize of photography 2008, received the award from the hands of the Princes of Asturias makes barely a month in Teruel.