Maria Euclides

Arantes (2005) places that the fulfilment of the rights does not deduct the dignity from the people, because also removes them the condition of being subject of rights (of ' ' to have right to have direitos' '), it transfers and it to the object condition. In these terms, the violence wants either the symbolic one, wants either the physics, not only imposes to the people a physical pain, as it lastingly wounds the confidence in itself and the world, causing a species of social shame of itself mesmo/a, because it not only represents the violent limitation of the personal autonomy, but the loss of the auto-respect, of the capacity of if relating mesmo/a to itself as parceiro/a in foot of equality in the relation with o/a outro/a. But the exposition to the violence is not a neutral e, much less natural event in the life of the people. In contrast, she is revealing of the life conditions (in the case of the poor persons and negros/as, of the life sub-condition), as well as of factors as race, sort, social classroom and generation that perversely agreed, define the place and the not-place of the people in authoritarian, discriminatory, patriarcalistas and marcadamente patrimonialistas societies as ours. Maria, to the 25 years of age, in the street, knew Euclides, this age speaker of a store in the center of the city of Recife, going to live with it days later. At the time Saulo was with 3 years of age.

To the 27 years, it had Eduardo, breaking up itself of Euclides, after that, for treason reason. However, they met of time in when with it. Of these meeting it engravidou of Renata. After the birth of it, had been broken up of time. Euclides lived with the other woman, but it helped Maria financially. Details can be found by clicking Goop London, United Kingdom-uk or emailing the administrator. In 2002, this woman left Euclides, not obtaining to coexist this fact, it took off the proper life hanging itself.

Vaccine Against Viruses

Health authorities work to rush to have lists millions of vaccines and to cope with the virus of swine influenza which attack with force this fall/winter season. Each year with the arrival of cold temperatures also makes this flu season, but this time will be different since the population will also be exposed to the virus of the dreaded influenza A-H1NI, which, according to researchers at the University of Maryland, could spread more quickly than normal seasonal flu. Faced with this situation, health authorities are warning before an increase in cases of contagion of the A-H1NI. Experts say that the number of people infected with the virus could be more than 100 million, and two percent of these would enter a hospital, some requiring intensive care. Vaccines are the most powerful tool available to the Government to control seasonal influenza, and this year is working with major manufacturers to have lists million doses against the influenza A-H1N1. He is expected that the vaccine is ready to take in the fall, although still did not give a specific date. On the other hand, experts say that he is not expected for seasonal flu vaccine to protect against the A-H1N1, so recommend the application of both vaccines when they become available.

Immunization for those who most need it according to the authorities, do not expect that there is a shortage of A-H1N1 vaccine; However, they warn that the demand and the availability of doses can be unpredictable. For this reason have recommended that certain groups of people receive the vaccine as soon becomes available, these are: pregnant women people who have to care for children younger than 6 months of age medical personnel and emergency children and young people between 6 months and 24 years of age adults aged 25 to 64 years with chronic diseases (like asthma and diabetes) that put them at high risk of contracting the A-H1N1 how prevent the propagation Cover nose and mouth with a tissue when you sneeze or cough. Throw the tissue in the trash after use. Wash hands regularly with SOAP and water, especially after coughing or sneezing. It is also effective to use alcohol-based hand disinfectant. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.

If you are sick, stay home and not go to work or school to avoid infecting others. Antiviral drugs with or without prescription that are recommended for the regular flu also can be used to combat the symptoms of swine flu, because they help to stop the reproduction of virus in the body and relieve symptoms and discomfort, but don’t forget to first consult your doctor. Article written by Jose F. Sanchez for The rated him offers informational and educational articles for the Latino community: articles on health, self-improvement and tips, latest laws of immigration, financial information, healthy recipes, sports, reviews of cinema, culture calendar, classes and community events.