Lose Weight Fast

Looking for a quick way to lose weight and lose those extra pounds quickly? If you are looking to change his body drastically in a short period of time, I can only recommend you my personal diet. My personal diet represents the cyclical ketogenic diet and is a diet that focuses on consuming a large amount of fat, moderate servings of protein and minimal amounts of carbohydrates. This is a diet similar to the Atkins diet, with the exception that you take a day to only eat foods high in carbohydrates and low in fat. The good thing about this diet is that allows you one day for carbohidratarte and recharge your muscles and your spirit. It is very difficult to eat only foods high in fat, that leave you feeling of lethargy. However, when you are eating mostly fat and protein, your body becomes a fat burning Monster and begins to burn fat at an incredible speed, is why this diet is so popular.

With this diet, you will eat many nuts, as well as eggs, bacon and even cheese if desired. It really doesn’t matter that you are consuming foods high in saturated fat, always and when you keep your carbohydrate below 10 grams per day, and everything will be burned as fuel. So if you are looking for a diet to lose weight fast, without any doubt, you can try my diet. The day number 7, you can invest the program primarily you will eat oatmeal, brown rice and whole-wheat bread, along with some protein, it is a big change and facilitates this diet more easily.