Miguel Delibes

You can cut the trees, but they can not stop spring (Pablo Neruda) walking through the people I have encountered little angel, one of the older people of the place, a man beloved and willing always to tell the adventures of his childhood. Her figure and ways recall the characters of the rural novels of Miguel Delibes. View you more animated during the previous months: spring arrives and his arrival is like an explosion of joy for all who inhabit our towns of Castile, as tanned as they are in winter solitude and abandonment. Tells me that the field is greener than ever, that’s nice to see it, but that is no longer as before do? I think that is repeating the mantra of always, that which asserts that nothing there is better than the old now and young people before. Yes, Yes, it repeats, the field is not as before, already music is heard the singing of the birds, lack the stamp of greenery to make perfect. And I think that Angelito is right, that there is a certain sadness in the Nature, that have changed you tone music, and why his pace also has changed. Missing the birds before in the villages now.

Does not hear the song of sparrows, swallows and Angelito has its reasons: the atmosphere is poisoned, of farmland are flooded with pesticides and herbicides. The air is unbreathable to birds. Insects have fled our villages and birds do not have food. Perhaps the good little angel is right, perhaps our fields are poisoned and why birds do not sing, perhaps the sadness of our abandoned villages as a result of this absence. I get a conclusion of my talk with Angelito: need to boost organic farming if we want that the birds come back to sing through our Castilian towns. Serve these lines of tribute to the defunct Miguel Delibes, who knew how to anyone capturing the soul of characters as Angelito.

Fatheras Day Money

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