The Same

That is to say, the operating deputies discipline themselves themselves and they are given and with its eloquent speech they produce the dominion from its subjectivity. The avenging congregation that celebrates has said him four common places to the regime could be transformed into impositora multitude. That is what it fears the totalitarian regime more and feeds the spectacle from the own mediocrity on its own deputies. In other words, the totalitarian regime works on it bases to control, but not to destroy, because one would lose the balance of the appearances and the same arms of the control. We could say that it places to " oposicin" uncontrolled in " no-lugar". At the same time, it long satisfies a yearning postponed by the controlled ones, the apparent one to share of the ether. That is to say, the access to the screen. Once intermingled both sounds of the harmful polarization the dominated one becomes rather less than a remainder.

It does not have nothing else democratic that to offer the ether. It is for that reason that, in surely misunderstood phrase while it spoke of insurgency, called to an ontological term. I have said it thus: the policy does not become of outside inwards, becomes of inside towards outside. The regime is nourished of the superficiality of the social components. When everything to that body seems to him most natural of the world, and it unfolds to exorcise with insults, it has done exactly what the totalitarianism of the 21st century allows, that is to say, the bud of the superficiality and executes what totalitarianism wanted, the abandonment of all imagination transcendental. We arrive this way at an incoherence of great coherence. The power has unfolded subtly and conformation feeds back the social it. The regime, thus, has created its own ontological model to which there is to oppose another one by means of other measures of value and of causing that the important thing returns to determine the forms, the measures, the procedures and the behavior.


Permtanme, friendly parents, one more a reflection. Guilty do not feel not to spend too much time with their children. They try that time is a time for both of benefit and quality, a time that serves to know itself and to be understood every time better. Friendly parents do not pawn the wage of a month on buying to the boy the juguetito or fashionable aparatito to him. The material is ephemeral. Probably at some future date not even they remember the momentary satisfaction that produced to them to have that gift, but will remember with affection some anecdote, situation or conversation that they have lived together. Friendly parents, do not negotiate with their children superficial and material details in exchange for the well-known one, " if you behave well, ". " To behave bien" , in the sense that all we know, he is something that is due to learn because if, it does not have price, is something necessary, to coexist in society.

Friendly parents, do not watch another side or indicate to others like guilty of its lack of familiar solidity. Not always " the other " they are the guilty. The children must understand that also they are mistaken, and must learn of these errors. Friendly parents, also eat you it vegetable and the fish, does not cross in red the traffic lights although there are no cars, do not insult or they ***reflx mng themselves of others, wash the teeth after the meals, because as the saying goes, it preaches itself with the example. I know that the aspects commented in this reflection are difficult to obtain, but, what does not require a effort? It is certain, things require more effort and implication, others not as much. Each values the importance of the same according to its criterion. Nobody has the manual to be good father or mother, this is something that is learned, and that the own experiences, preoccupations, errors and triumphs, lived in this long and exciting " asignatura" , they do that each father, mother, and each familiar relation is unique and unique.

I would like to conclude, with a small appointment of the philosopher and Rousseau writer, that summarizes very well what I want to them to transmit. Rousseau in its famous Manifesto says: " He is reasonable who knows how to have a discussion, which means to know how to listen when it is spoken to him instead of to watch for another side. He is reasonable who respects the right of the others () Is reasonable that does not soil by the way the ground because it has learned that the ones in charge of the cleaning are not enslaved. He is reasonable who recognizes when equivocation and knows when she must rectify and request excuses. All these things have a common origin that &quot is called; good educacin". D. Liliana Knoll Churches. Lda. In Pedagogy. For more information does not doubt in visiting the page Original author and source of the article.