The Freezer

Benefits to the consumer are obvious: not required from time to time to defrost the freezer, food stored better and longer, frozen foods do not become overgrown with frost, not freeze to each other, a smaller load compressor is running and always easy to discern what is stored in the freezer and at what time (if you have made such a label). Moreover, such a system reduces the time of freezing and the temperature recovers very quickly after opening the doors of the freezer. If you want to have a large freezer to store it does not only meat, fish and berries, frozen in winter, you need a refrigerator with freezer at the bottom. There is now a majority. Freezer is usually a three drawer plastic drawer. However, we must remember that its volume is increased by reducing the cooling chamber. This is the perfect choice for those who do not like large stocks purchased or prepared meals, but want to store harvested year-round fresh berries in summer.

At the same time still plenty of room for the separate storage of fish, meat and convenience foods. Another reason to buy a refrigerator, if you already have a properly functioning single-chamber refrigerator (your old 'ZIL'), which you do not want to throw, but its volume you are missing. Having bought a new refrigerator with freezer at the bottom, you get an additional almost the same cold room, in your old refrigerator, freezer and quite spacious camera. The main parameter by which different freezers, and freezers refrigerators – a range of operating temperatures.

Dvd Sharing Experience

Dvd drives – a reliable means for storing information. The first dvd drives have appeared in Japan in autumn 1996 goda.V 1995, a group of developers (Toshiba, Matsushita, Sony, Philips, Time Warner, Pioneer, JVC, Hitachi and Mitsubishi Electric) have signed an agreement on joint cooperation in developing and promoting a new type of optical disc called Digital Video Diss (dvd) – digital video disk. Later dvd will decode as Digital Versatile Disc (digital versatile / multi drive), since over time these drives will not be used for storage only video. There are different types of dvd disks, but more on that in a future article. Dvd drives vulnerable to the negative environmental effects, are afraid of too low or high temperatures, moisture, drops, dust and scratches. And our problem – is to minimize the impact. Movies dvd. Tip 1: Cd, dvd-boxes for the movie on dvd when you buy a movie on dvd, whether licensed or even a tray on the street (the drive on which 20 supermegahitov just 20 USD) you get it box, which protects it from damage from dust and direct sunlight.

So keep the movie on dvd in the box, and when such cd, dvd-boxes accumulate a lot, and there is a problem, where they were put, get special shelves for cd. These racks are very convenient, since they have a different shape, roominess – it all depends on your imagination and the parameters of the room where you will put movies on dvd. I would like to note that the disk located in a box, it does not matter what position stored: either vertically or horizontally.


You too, try to buy more of these rosy, with a crisp, deliciously scented beauties to entertain and relatives, and friends. No less than Murom cakes are famous gingerbread and Pokrovsky. Perhaps, they may well compete with the Tula – both on its fame, and the taste qualities. By tradition, Pokrovsky pastry stuffed with their cakes with condensed milk with added dried apricots, prunes, raisins and nuts. Connoisseurs and those and other delicacies believe that Pokrovsky cakes and dough is softer than that of the Tula "Brothers", and taste richer. These tasty edible souvenirs, covered with white or colored glaze, come in different shapes and sizes: from small "plates" with the emblem of the city up to two kilo dolls and bells. This fairing in the literal sense will appreciate your many friends and colleagues.

And it's nice to be sipping tea sets, produced at the famous porcelain factory Dulevo! This wonderful gift will please most exquisite taste, and even your boss is unlikely to resist the temptation to taste the sweet tea from a shining white cup, painted with bright floral patterns and decorated with gold leaf. Well, if it is not just a cup, and service for two persons, then beaming with delight boss is quite able to decorate their own kitchen. We need only note that due to small production volumes, these sets and amusing figures have sometimes also utility vehicles (pepper, salt shakers), bought up very quickly – often foreign connoisseurs of china. So it's best to buy these products around Dulyovo.

Designing Kitchens

Despite the fact that many now prefer to dine in the restaurant, the kitchen is the heart of the family hearth. modern life, with its bustle and bustle leaves us with less time off work, and in time we are more and less likely to fulfill our family responsibilities such as cooking dinner or washing dishes. For dinner or lunch you can go to a restaurant, while most Europeans have long even have breakfast outside the home. And although this habit we have not caught on, soon the situation has clearly changed. However, despite such neradostny "alignment" with the name of any designer considers it his duty to do in designing kitchens. Designer kitchen – is the undisputed feature good taste.

It all has to be organically balanced and calibrated for color and composition, seasoned with the latest trends and fashion decisions – just like in the specialties of the chef's your favorite restaurant. From this it is clear that we even have breakfast at home, not be superfluous to sort out the kitchen designer fashion, in order to produce albeit short but very meaningful pastime in your own kitchen more comfortable. The design Kitchens leadership belongs to the Italians and Germans. At the same time to distinguish the kitchen from the Italian cuisine German is quite simple: representatives of the peninsula are betting on sensuality and exuberant, willing to subdue a potential buyer at a glance. Germans also complain to the rationality and soundness – their products are visually looks much more modest, but finds no fewer fans.