10 Years Pixum – A Success Story

“The pioneer in the German online photo finishing market celebrates anniversary Cologne, October 2010 to the photokina in the September 2000 presented Pixum as first Internet image service in Germany was established in his new business model: online photo service” today belongs to Pixum to the leading full-range suppliers in Europe and thus guaranteeing more than 100 new jobs in marketing, administration and production. Just in time for the birthday, Pixum introduces also a comprehensively improved website. Inspired by the boom of the late 1990s Internet industry Daniel Attallah end of 1999 had an idea which he implemented with Michael Ziegert and a third partner in early 2000 in the Act. In September 2000, just in time for photokina it was ready: Pixum went online with. What at that time was underestimated by many professionals or even ridiculed, proved to be parallel to the triumph of digital cameras as innovative concept for success. If photos, photo books, posters, canvas and acrylic Board photos or hundreds of different photo gifts – online image services are from the world of photography not become indispensable.

Pixum is one of the few pioneers of the first hour, which play a significant role in this still-expanding market. Pixum today employs over 100 people in production, marketing, programming and services and new employees will be hired (see section of jobs”on). The company supplies customers across Europe and is the most common and best tested online photo service of the continent. The complete range includes more than 200 different products. In time for the 10th anniversary, Pixum presents its customers with a new, improved website.

The new main navigation with mega dropdowns”offers new customers a faster and simpler overview of all products and services, while regular customers now have even more direct access to the products. In the last decade, there were two stock market crashes, a major global political change by “9/11″ and now the aftermath of the global banking crisis. Nevertheless, grew and thrived magnificently Pixum and also in 2010 We grow partially with triple-digit rates for the previous year. I am very proud of my team, that daily ensures that we have satisfied customers who know that the rare case of a problem Pixum quick and accommodating helps. Our consistent service orientation we strive to maintain the European market leadership in the next decade”, spreads Pixum founder and CEO Daniel Attallah also for the future high goals. About Pixum Pixum (www.pixum.de) is one of the leading providers of online photo services in Germany and Europe. The product range includes a wide selection of photo gifts, posters, canvas prints, and of course classic photo prints photo books, photo calendars. Pixum prints and exposed only on high-quality materials using the most modern and environmentally friendly printing technologies. Other services are the online storage of images, as well as extensive Web applications around the digital photo. Pixum covered in over 50 tests through journals, magazines and consumer protection organizations with the average score of 1.9 the top spot. Under, Pixum offers its services in English, French, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and German, and supplies customers all over Europe. Pixum is a member since 10 years certified trusted shop – and “Very good” will be evaluated there.